02-16-10: Gerard in Rio, Sport Relief Charity

Gerard is one of the celebs lending his help to Sport Relief.  As one of the UK’s biggest charity fundraising events, Sport Relief brings people together to get active, raise money and change lives through events and merchandise sales (they do not ship outside the UK). The Sport Relief Weekend is taking place from Friday 19 March to Sunday 21 March 2010 and it’ll be three whole days of energy, entertainment and events for everyone to enjoy, so come on and get involved. Visit http://www.sportrelief.com for more info.

Gerard has been enjoying the events of Carnavale 2010 in Rio this week with friend Rodrigo Santoro and Madonna.  Click the images above for pics from Brahma Beer Box at Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome and Parade at the Sambadome .

View video from one of the events below:

Kids Kicking Cancer
Thank you again to everyone who donated to our Kids Kicking Cancer campaign, a final total will be posted soon. The winner of the Date with Gerry has decided to donate the date to one of the children in the KKC program and we will be making arrangements for that on her behalf.  Thank you Dyan for your kind gesture!!!


  1. those socks are sexy!!! 🙂

  2. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hello, I wish to thank you for taking the time to answer my question of ” why I could not buy the red striped sox’s from ths UK”? I feel so much more a part of all of you on this web site, knowing you care enough to answer even my silly question, and ” Thank You ” for bringing all the news of Gerry and his successes and future plans to all of us. It’s so thrilling to follow the successful life of this wonderfull man. Gert Duell

  3. Hola!!!! a todos!! 🙂

    Que tierna Dyan te vas a ir al cielo ! me pongo de pie ! un saludo bien grande desde Tijuana!! 🙂

    Gerry … yo te enseño español … 😉

  4. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hello again.. QUESTION…Why post sale items on G.B.net. if the items will not besold outside the U.K. I an refering to’Sainsburg” Charity relief” sale of sox’s, cup’s,etc? I would of liked to help by buying a few, because of Gerry’s involvement in the charity ..Gert Duell

    • Gertrude: While the owners of the website are in the US, not all our visitors are. We have a very large following in the UK and we cover all the news on Gerard, not just US based news. There are many promotions in the US our UK visitors can’t participate in.

  5. Would love to purchase a few pairs of Sports Relief socks. Too bad we can’t get them shipped to the U.S. Anyone know someone in UK who would be willing to be our UK shipping address and then ship them on to the US?

  6. Wow, that is one of the most mind-blowing, selfless acts of kindness I’ve ever heard of. I wish I was more like Dyan…. Im in awe. Awesome! 😀 I wouldn’t be surprised if Gerard invited her to join them anyway, a nice guy that he is, and Im sure he will appreciate Dyan’s selflessness a lot. Well, I learned something from her here, thank you. Still Im happy I donated, my first donation to a charity ever! Thank you Gerry, and gb.net. <3 🙂

  7. What a lovely and heartfelt gift you’ve given one of the KKC kids, Dyan. You are a very generous person and I tip my hat to you.

  8. its very nice of dyan to donate her date, i know if i had won i just wouldnt be able to stop myself going.

    it was lovely seeing gerry enjoying himself visiting rodrigo and also having fun at the carnival. he looked so happy and well and i am counting the days till seeing him again at the premiere of the bounty hunter in london on march 11. it will be a brilliant week for me, as i am going to the premiere, its my birthday and i will be seeing the film as well.

  9. Just wanted to add that I think it was so wonderful of Dyan the winner of the “Date with Gerry” to donate the date to one of the children in the KKC program. Dyan you rock!


  10. Wow, Dyan, I give you kudos!!! Such a nice thing to do :):) One of those kids is going to be THRILLED

    Although if Gerry still wants a date, I’ll be up for it…;)

  11. Betty Beaver says:

    Rio, you had the ultimate Valentine at your Carnivale, you had the Scittish Sweetheart, Gerard Butler. He looked so vibrant and happy, great to see him relax and have fun and as always, he looked very handsome, I wanted to reach out and hug him, he is captivating on screen or off. Just for Gerard…XOXOXO