09-03-09: Gerard Interviews, Upcoming Surprise

Gerard Butler was one busy guy this morning!!  Check out some of the highlights below:

Ryan Seacrest Audio Interview

Good Day LA on Fox 11 Los Angeles.  Watch it below:

Good Company –VIEW VIDEO

He also appeared on a variety of Fox stations across the country, including Sacramento, San Diego and Phoenix.  If you find a video or audio interview from the GAMER junket this morning, post the link to the comments on this post!

Don’t forget!!  Gerard will be on  Jimmy Kimmel LIVE tomorrow!!

It’s been a busy day and the opening of GAMER promises another busy weekend, but after the hoopla of an opening weekend is over, we have got a FANTASTIC SURPRISE for TWO lucky Gerard Butler fans!

Check back here on Tuesday, September 8 for all the details!!  You won’t be sorry!!

And as a fitting end to an eventful day …hello handsome… Thanks to Azahara for scans from the September 2009 edition of Fotogramas – Spain.  View more…


  1. You have to love how natural Gerry is in his many interviews. His sense of humor is bright, quick, fast paced, and lovely. I think, when this guy ever does settle down with the gal who I pray will be his soul mate, he’s going to break many a hearts.

  2. gillianfey says:

    Thanks for your hard work, GB.net. Gamer reviews you have posted so far quite good. Already have our tickets for Sunday thru .net-Fandango. It’s a lot of fun watching GB climb into the stratosphere of moviedom. It only gets better, and so does he.

  3. the interviews from the last couple of days have made up for the fact that us in the uk wont be able to see gamer now until the 16th september due to something, i dont know what, that has happened here to do with the film. meaning we cant see it today, 4th, as promised and looked forward to. also the written articles are really good, theres been so many of them especially the extended interview which was so funny and enjoyable to read. i always read gerrys interviews and articles in my lunch hour, what better way to spend an hour. oh well, i suppose the 16th isnt too far away, and with it falling on a wednesday that means i can go straight from work on wednesday and friday which isnt that bad, as i always see gerrys films twice.

  4. will be there to see you rock on the screen again!!! always fun..thanks ! xxxxoooo

  5. moodybluz1112 says:

    Great updates – thanks! Looking forward to the 9/8 surprise!

    We’re very excited about GAMER opening this weekend. Since we’re far from the largest media market in the country, it was cool to see three different theater chains scheduling screenings.

    Muchas Gracias, Azahara. Es muy guapo, no?

  6. mjbooklady says:

    Just want to say Thank You GB.net for all the up-dates today and through-out the past week – YOU ROCK!! Gerry news has really kept you very busy.

    As always great interviews with Gerry and I’m looking forward to GAMER. Good Luck Gerry!