08-03-09: Gerard on GMTV, LAC News

GMTV (London)

Watch Gerard do the weather on GMTV (UK) as you continues to promote The Ugly Truth.  Screencaps are in the gallery.


Watch the interview on GMTV! Gerry talks about swimming naked in the pool, his family in for the premiere, love scenes with Katherine Heigl, his American accent, The Bounty, Jennifer Aniston and more.

The UK premiere for The Ugly Truth is tomorrow, August 4 at Vue West End Cinema/Leicester Square, London.

The Ugly Truth continues to impress at the box office taking in $13,000,000 over the weekend!  Total box office for the film after week 2 is $54,000,000+!

law_abiding_citizen_large1Premiere plans are still in progress, but F. Gary Gray has posted on his Twitter that it will be in either New York or Los Angeles.  In addition, he also shares this:

Good news! We are going to have advance screenings n 15 markets which may mean more tix avail in ur town…

Follow him on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest!  Tell him @gerardbutlernet sent you and you may be in the running for tickets to the premiere in New York or LA!  Mr. Gray is rallying for followers and gb.net is helping, in return, he is giving away premiere tickets, but we will give away the tickets if we win.  So make sure to mention @gerardbutlernet!

And, on Philly.com, word of a special Philadelphia screening:

There’s a move afoot to get a special Philly screening of Law Abiding Citizen, F. Gary Gray’s locally shot drama starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Its release date, which last week was moved up to Oct. 16, will coincide with the Philadelphia Film Society’s so-called 181/2 Philadelphia Film Festival, being curated by Harlan Jacobson.


  1. Kathleen (Koldman) says:

    I am now following F Gary Gray, but now how do I let him know that @gerardbutlernet sent me?

  2. I want to Thank You gb.net for these wonderful updates on our Gorgeous Gerry. I have not been on here for a while, but I still love my gb.net and as soon as I can get my life together in a sembalence of order. I will be back on and post often. Since my heart attack in April, everything seems to take longer and longer to do. But at least I have you all helping me keep up with our beautiful man and his ‘antics’. I don’t know how I would be able to keep up if it weren’t for you all here and Kathy always keeping me abreast of the news of this incredibly entrancing man.
    Once again, Thank You All so much!!!