Gerard on Graham Norton and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Gerard appeared on The Graham Norton Show last week.  Watch the show below (in four parts):

Gerard is schedule to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, January 12.  Check your local TV provider for channel information!


  1. mavericks is a very dangerous break, glad u made it ok.. Mark Foo a professional surfer died there.. Riding Giants documentary for those who are interested. Cheers,

  2. YEAH! you finally could upload the show!! Thank you! I’m very happy, I though I’d never going to watch this! and it was sooooo great! fabulous! Gerry was very funny, hilarious, as always, what a nice man! I specially laughed so much when he talks about himself wearing a kilt in his sister’s wedding and what his mother did with her hands; and with the fan lady in the audience hahahaha! And the dog was so cute! The bad point is that I couldn’t understand everything because my ear for English isn’t very good yet…

    Oh! and I’d like to comment one thing about Gerry that I realized watching this interview, have anyone notice how nervous he tends to show himself in the interviews? I mean, not at speaking because he’s always telling jokes, but in his body language, he’s constantly moving on his site and rub in his legs! it’s a funny thing, is like if he were afraid of have a thrombosis or something! 😀