01-22-10: Gerard speaks to support The Film Dept.

Gerard spoke to a group in Phoenix recently about the Law Abiding Citizen producers from The Film Department. Law Abiding Citizen has grossed more than $100 million worldwide. Watch the video below:

Gerard attended the premiere of Extraordinary Measures in New York City on January 21. Click the pictures below to view the gallery:

Kids Kicking Cancer Campaign
Two more recipients have been chosen from the list of donation receipts submitted in our Kids Kicking Cancer charity campaign, which ends February 13.  Congratulations to Krista B. from Jarrettsville, MD (article of Gerry’s clothing) and Teresa G. fro San Antonio, TX (future movie premiere invite)!!

To date, over $41,000 has been raised from over 1039 donation receipts submitted!!  Thank you for all the support!! It’s not too late to send in your donation receipts!  If you are mailing a check, it much be RECEIVED before February 14, so get it in the mail early.

Hello Magazine
Hello Magazine has extended the deadline for their Most Attractive Man poll until January 25, 2010. Vote in the Grand Finale!  In addition, Gerard is one of the candidates in this weeks weekly vote.  Click here to place your vote in the weekly vote here!


  1. I think Gerry can do anything he wants to do – he is so talented. I hope he keeps acting, because I love to watch him. He is a beautiful soul.. Love you Gerry and always will.

  2. sue grint says:

    i thought gerry was so good even though he said he hadnt done anything like this before, but it just comes over so naturally, with his little giggles and not sure of himself. to me thats just normal for him. the penguin section was brilliant, i could thoroughly relate to that and understood every sound gerry was making. i was surprised when he said he turned down sherlock holmes, but i know it was being filmed towards the end of 08, because when he was at the premiere of rocknrolla in l.a. they mentioned that guy wasnt there as he was deep into sherlock holmes. i presume gerry didnt do it as he was fully committed to lac and that was so intense and took up so much of his time, that there just wasnt room for doing another movie at the same time. im glad because lac was a much better film than holmes and gerry just threw everything into it that he had body and soul. good luck also with the marathon haiti charity tonight

  3. What a charismatic man Gerry is. Do I see other careers other than movies?