09-10-09: Gerard to Host Saturday Night Live

saturday-night-liveGerard Butler has been added to the host list for the new season of Saturday Night Live.  He will appear on October 17, 2009, promoting the release of “Law Abiding Citizen,” and will be accompanied by Shakira.

MTV VMAsGerard will also be a presenter at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to be held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on September 13.    Mark it on your calendars so you don’t miss a single memorable moment live!  The events start at 8PM ET with the 2009 VMA Preshow. New Moon‘s Ashley Greene will join MTV’s Sway and Tim Kash on the red carpet as the celebrity fashion correspondent, bringing you all the action happening outside Radio City Music Hall. And the show follows immediately after, at 9PM ET on MTV.

Both appearances have been added to the calendar.

[edited on 9/10/09 at 5:04pm to add MTV appearance]

13 comments on “09-10-09: Gerard to Host Saturday Night Live

  1. Donna Lee on said:

    I know that some of us who have been here for years now are about to see a dream come true! Way to go Gerry! We’re so proud of you.

  2. Nanno2 Nanci on said:

    Love to se this Guy in his own Element.. He must be so much Fun!!!!

  3. Carla M. on said:

    I think this is excellent news, and I can’t wait to see it!! I’m betting on a 300 spoof :D

  4. Lorna Doone on said:

    When I first became a fan after seeing “Phantom of the Opera”, I used to wish that he could host SNL so we could see more of his great personality and sense of humor. I am so thrilled and happy for him that he has become so popular lately. Go, Gerry!!!!

  5. Bontoben on said:

    I remember a while back he said he wasn’t interested in TV except South Park, I believe. I’m guessing he didn’t even dream of this. They have some great material to spoof that’s all I can say.

  6. i agree with all the above, it’s going to fun.

    i never watch SNL, but now i have a good reason too :)

  7. kittypro on said:


  8. Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!!

  9. MissDebbieBlue on said:

    Great, I look forward to Gerry hosting Saturday Night Live – it’s sure to be hilarious. Gerry’s the best storyteller ever.

  10. thegerrything on said:

    Gerry hosting SNL? Gawd that’s fantastic news. Oct. gonna be a exciting month. Gerry always delivers.

  11. moodybluz1112 on said:

    This is fantastic news! I’ve been hoping this would happen for Gerard ~ think he’ll do great!
    SNL is certainly starting out their new season strong. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  12. I am so excited about this.He has great comedic timing so he should fit right in.Good for him and us.

  13. SNL!!! Yeah!! It’s about damn time!