12-02-09: Gerard is Variety In’tl Star of the Year

dubaiWhile unveiling their line-up for the 6th Dubai International Film Festival, organizers announced that Gerard will be on hand at the event to accept Variety’s International Star of the Year award.  The award is sponsored by the entertainment industry’s trade magazine, Variety.  The festival runs from December 9 – 16.  Read more… Congratulations Gerry!

A new entry has been posted on the How To Train Your Dragon official blog.  This one focuses on production designer Kathy Altieri.  Read the blog now…

We have also posted a number of photos from the film, including images of Gerard’s character, Stoick the Vast, in the gallery.


  1. Since I have an exchange son this year from Bangladesh as a YES scholar, I am learning much about Asia’s film industry and their diverse cultural perspectives. He and I are watching his favorite movies and discussing actors, directors, etc., with their social and political issues. He and I had been researching the Dubai Film Festival about Bengali and Indian films. It is wonderful that you are gracious enough to receive Variety’s International Star of the Year at this Festival. Your acceptance at this festival provides inspiration to international artists of these regions. From honest discussions about your career, you assist others to pursue their interests, whether artists or in other directions. Thanks for being a good role model at the Dubai Film Festival.

  2. i was just wondering whats happening about gerrys award for the variety international star of the year. the ceremony is between 9-16 december, so i presume gerry is in dubai, but when is he being presented with the award, as we havent heard anything yet about it. i was curious as it finishes on wednesday and we havent seen or read anything further.

    could gerry.net help me on this one.

  3. Hi, Gerry! Congratulations!…because you are the star of the year, but for me you are fantastic, perfect… . I like you work.
    more kiss,

  4. Dear Gerry,

    Congratulations on being named Variety International Star of the Year and being chosen as the Glasgow Film Ambassador! All your hard work is really reaping rewards now!

    You are such an inspiration to me, and I’m always reminding myself that if I want something I must put in the work for it like you do.

    This recoginition of you is also very gratifying for your fans. Gone are the days where I say “Gerard Butler” and the person I’m talking to says “Who?”. Now they tell me “Oh my uncle had 300 playing the day after Thanksgiving, and my cousin said she loved Gerard Butler!”, etc., etc., etc. Your movies and posters are in the video stores, the supermarkets and just everywhere I go. It gives me a lot of joy.

    I know you will be a great film ambassador for Glagow, and I wish you much success in your endeavors for your home town.

    I’m so happy for you!


  5. Congratulations Gerry, I am so happy that you have gotten to live your dream and you are getting the recognition you deserved. You have worked soooooooooo hard for this! Please don’t ever change and never forget where you came from. Keep your humble spirit and never forget those that love you and support you as you follow your dream.. much love Mr. Butler.

  6. Congratulations on this new award that is to be bestowed upon you in Dubai. You have done so much and it is deserving at this time. I have enjoyed all the UK broadcasts as of late and really enjoyed the O’Grady interview where you talked about your mum and how she hates your swearing. It really cracked me up! Hope things are starting to settle down for you now that LAC is playing in theatres abroad. Hope your eye is better, too. Take time to relax and enjoy the holidays and hope they are spent at home with the ones you love. Look forward to your upcoming work and good luck with your new project with Ralph Fiennes. As I am writing this I am catching the end of “300” which happens to be on cable. Awesome movie! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Gerry. It is such a pleasure to see your work and your interviews. My favorite men – you & Craig Ferguson on a daily dose. You certainly keep me laughing. As they say, “laughter is the best medicine”.

  7. Shirley Bishai says:

    Congratulaions on both accounts. All your hard work is certainly paying off. The whole world is recognizing your talent and wonderful spirit.

    All the best,


  8. sue grint says:

    i am so pleased for gerry. its been such a brilliant year what with all the awards and three films at the cinemas., and also being able to bring the lac premiere to his native scotland, in glasgow.

    i presume you have been in london for the past couple of weeks, and are soon off to dubai and then up to scotland for the christmas festivities and then somewhere hot for the new year.


  9. pamelajane says:

    And the honors keep on coming! Congrats, again, Mr. B!

  10. Its my pleasure to hear such good news about you, I am very happy for you and very proud.

    You are great actor, talented and sexy but above all you are a man of honor, loyal and brave heart. You deserve all this success and more.
    Please never change you are perfect, I don’t know if you’ll read this message but if so then I want to tell you that you’re the best, I admire the man you are.

    congratulation :))

  11. Hi
    Its all good about Gerry!
    Can someone tell on wich day Gerry will be on Festival in Dubai?