10-13-09: Gerard’s SNL Promo Now Online

Gerard Butler’s Saturday Night Live promo is now online at NBC.com.   Click the image or watch below!!


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  1. Enjoy the ride, you’ll do great and you have all of your fans supporting you. Just think of the audience as your dinner guests-you’ve said that you are a hamm and tell jokes at the dinner table!
    I hope you get a chance to sing-I love the lilt in your voice, it gives me goosebumps. God bless and take care.

  2. Gerry, you will nail it. No Doubts whatsoever! Hope you have a fantastic time, and I can’t wait to watch! Enjoy it. You’ve definitely earned it. 😉 No offense to the awesome cast, but personally I think you’ll be the funniest one there.

  3. Gerry,

    Have a great time on SNL. I know this is going to be the best show ever. You are such a great storyteller and i’m sure the cast will have lots of fun with you. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for you. You are the greatest – love ya.

    Gerry Fan-atic

  4. Jovial Mom says:

    I am really looking forward to watching and taping this show. Gerry will be great—he’s a natural comedian. GO, GERRY!


  5. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Gerry, Just discovered why me at 84 and everyone below that age, go crazy over you. It was in a music..photo, video on the internet … and describes you perfectly… A SOUL THAT CAN SPEAK WITH IT’S EYES AND ALSO KISS WITH A GAZE. WOW…God Bless You Gerry.!!! Gert.

  6. You haven’t seen the Loch Ness monster…I thought I saw ripples ontop of the loch when I was there freezing me &*(* in January..hehehe..Okay..Best! You’ll be great and don’t be nervous!

  7. This should be the best nite ever for me…I love SNL and I love U …GERarld Butler…First on Saturday…we will be going to see “Law Abiding Citizen” then come home and watch SNL. With you hosting it should be GREAT! You seem to bring out the FUNNY in others…Plus!!! you bring out the “FUN” in funny. I am a little worried though…it being Saturday nite there will be no Priest hearing confession before Mass…and the sinful thoughts I have after watching so much of you…WELL!!!. Honestly!!!! I’m a good christian girl…but I’m definitely going to need to spend some time in the confessional…Anyway, I wish you the best…this being your first time and all…and once you get your feet wet with late nite comedy…there may be no gettin you out of the water… luv and happy birthday too.

  8. I CAN HARDLY WAIT. You have so much talent you haven’t used yet, Gosh I have so many ideas that would make you lots of fame and money,[ as if you needed it. ] Sat.night live will be lots of fun, your going to do great.

  9. Gerry, you will be wonderful as you always are! 🙂

  10. Gerry,
    Amidst the thousands of notes I’m sure you receive each day, it is my hope this message is graced by your eyes. The characters you have portrayed have fought against amazing odds, swooned most of the female population, and entertained millions. It is because of your immense talent and incredible popularity that you find yourself preparing for your next role as host of Saturday Night Live. What an honor for you to be chosen for this–an American tradition for decades! With your gregarious love of life and natural wit, you are sure to please all who tune-in. Enjoy every minute…a once in a lifetime experience!

  11. I just saw the promo and can’t wait to see SNL it’s going to be perfect.

  12. I can totally see all the laughter that will have to be held back as the sketches go on… Your sense of humour is notorious so I’m very sure we’re all in for a treat! You’ll do great and just have fun… It’s all about the FUN!!! Cheers from Rio, Brazil!

  13. Sandy Meierhofer says:

    With Gerry’s sense of humor, he will be a big hit on SNL. I am so thrilled he was asked to host. WAY TO GO BUTLER!!!!

  14. Going to see Law Abiding Citizen Friday and can’t wait for Saturday night. You are gonna be awesome Gerry. Look forward to laughing my ass off.

  15. lol. Have you seen the Loch Ness Monster?

  16. Thanks for the promo. I can hardly wait. Already know he is going to be great in SNL. Having a party on Saturday, intived friends to watch GB in SNL together. Gerard you are so talented, it is fascinating to watch you grow in this industry. Playing all these very different roles with such perfection.

    P.S. I love you.

  17. Frome Venezuela.. Congratulation Gerard B. And Jamie F. For this movie .. and have fun on SNL is a Great Show and veryyyyyy funyyyy yeiiii

  18. Gerry: I’m looking forward to seeing you on SNL and in Law Abiding Citizen. I can hardly wait to see how SNL will pay tribute to your films. LOL! Have a great time!

  19. Gerard Butler + SNL = the best night of my life.
    I cannot wait! He is so funny and will finally get to show it off.
    Love you Gerry:)

  20. Rachel Frantz says:

    Have fun on Saturday Night Live! Enjoy the experience, whatever happens just roll with it and you’ll be fine! I have full confidence that you will have a smashing good time! 😀

    Rachel Frantz

  21. Good Luck!!!You will do WONDERFUL!!

  22. I know this show is going to be great with you on it.You have great comic timing and you should fit right in.Have fun!!!

  23. Good luck Gerry! You’ll do great.

  24. Well SNL is lucky to have a class act like Gerry host their show. Personally I think they have fallen way short of the show from the 80’s. Anyway he is being gracuious to do this, he is too good for them!

  25. gillianfey says:

    The long-awaited SNL hosting event of the decade has at last arrived. Who? Gerard Butler, of course. Thank you, SNL; thank you, NBC; and thank you, Gerard Butler, for joining Saturday Night Live for the first time. Let’s hope its the beginning of a most entertaining friendship.

  26. good luck gerry!!! you are great.

  27. fallleaves says:

    OMG!! Love you Gerry and can’t wait ….

  28. Beverly Figueroa says:

    Hi Gerry, I am so happy to see you hosting SNL. I just love your sense of humor, you tell the funniest stories. You are a delightful person, and it comes across when ever you give an interview, or appear as a guest. I know you will be wonderful, the best host they have ever had!!!!! I bet it will be hard to keep a straight face with some of the skits that you will be in, but you have a great laugh, and I’ll be enjoying every minute of the show. Good Luck!! PS…this is the best weekend, I’ll be going to see Law Abiding Citizen on Friday night with all my girlies…… and then SNL, does it get any better!!! Take some time to smell the roses, God Bless!!

  29. Gerry, I know you will be great!!!!

  30. Natasha from Serbia-Europe says:

    Well,this is the first time I write a note for Gerard and i’m so glad i can do it on this way. I’m very sad becouse i can’t watch this show whit Shakira and Gerad live at saturday night. Of course, my country is so far away(hope that i write this right,soryy if i didn’t, my english writing is not so good). I belive that you will post this show at SNL on this site so I can seen him. Gerard is exsellent actor and exsellent shouman live. Big kiss for him from SERBIA!

  31. Charlotte says:

    Go Gerry! This is going to be Biblical!!
    I will be watching and I know your charm and humor will catch everyone’s attention! Have fun and enjoy this great experience!

  32. You go…Gerry! You’ll be fabulous..especially live. You know we’re all rooting for you. Just do your thing. I know you have a script but that never stopped you before…just put a few of your own adlibs and those “looks” of yours in. What more can we ask? Good luck and we love you! Can’t wait for Friday and Saturday. LAC is gonna be a HUGE success! Enjoy all your successes!

  33. Hey Gerry!
    You are going to be fantastic Saturday night! Just have fun with it!!!
    Love you!!


  34. You, who make all my hardship easy
    And the garden, trees, flowers, drunk with your gifts;
    The rose is drunk, the thorn is lost in dream;
    Pour one more cup, they’ll join in your wine’s stream.


  35. Just wish we could get the show here in South Africa. Gerry you are great in anything you set your mind to do and with your sense of humour you will never go wrong. And always the smile!

  36. April Dawn says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha, that was soo funny!

  37. Betty Beaver says:

    SNL will appreciate you, of that, you can be sure. As for me and all your other fans out here, we love seeing you any time we can get the chance. Because you are just a Darlin

    Gerard.. SNL will appreciate you, that you can be sure of. As for me and your countless fans like me out here, we love seeing you every chance we can get. Because, you are a Darlin Scotsman. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  38. GO GERRY! *—–*

    Brazil loves you sooooo much

    The Ugly Truth was perfect \o/

  39. Gerry,

    I cannot wait to see you on SNL. You are going to be great!

  40. So you haven’t seen the Loch Ness monster, Gerry? Teasing!

    Well, if the promos are any indication, you are going to be a wonderful SNL host. But I knew that all along…because you are a natural-born storyteller, Gerry. I suspect I’ll be adding you to my list of favorite SNL hosts.

    Relax, have a good time. You’ll be fantastic and make us all laugh, trust me. 🙂 xo Julianna

  41. Can’t wait to see Gerard on a live Show. Whooopppeeee I’ll be there and I wish you all the luck Gerry. This Is SPARRRRTTTAAA.

    Love you Joan. HUG xxxx

  42. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    Break a leg, Gerry! You’ll be the funniest host to hit “SNL” in a very long time! Love you!

  43. Bianca Savi says:

    Gerard, you are perfect in everything! SUCCESS! P.S. The BRAZIL loves you … And I STILL MORE …

  44. Sandy Hargett says:

    Can’t wait. Gerry is always so funny live. He will be a natural for SNL.
    Go Gerry, have a blast.

  45. I have to repeat what Bianca said…Gerry you are perfect in everything you do!! You will do a wonderful job as you always do! I can’t wait to see you Friday in LAC and Saturday on SNL! Hugs and kisses!!!

  46. Gerry!!!
    I was waiting for you to Host SNL for the longest time as I’m sure many fans were!! You are gonna rock..I can’t wait!! I’m sure you will do Great!! I have no doubts..I’ve been a fan of SNL for many many years..Think Jane Curtain…hehehehe…Anyway, best of luck to you and I’ll be set this Saturday night!!

    btw, I’ll be heading to the midnight showing of Law Abiding Citizen this Thursday…Yeah, okay..new Phrase..”it’s gonna be bibical..
    Knockem’ dead
    Lily xx

  47. Oh yeah, Gerry … You’re gonna be fantastic on SNL! The best there ever was, the best there ever will be. You’re a natural.

  48. Bonnie Anne (Swansong) says:

    Your fans have been waiting for years to see this happen! I remember when I first became a fan after Phantom, and there were letter campaigns to get you on the show. I’m so happy for you, Gerry! I hope the experience is a blast for you, and that more people will see what a charming and funny guy you are. Great to see all the fabulous press for LAC! May you enjoy these special moments!


  49. I’m going to miss this and I don’t have a way to record it! But I hope I’ll catch it online or something. I’m a little bummed. 🙁

  50. It will be OK! Gerry is perfect in everything you do!
    Too bad I live so far away! GB I love you!