01-15-10: Golden Globes, KKC and Haiti Charity Works

A reminder that Gerard will be a presenter at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.  The awards will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, January 17 and will air live on NBC at 8:00pm EST.

Gerard enjoyed the pre-gifting suite for the Golden Globes on January 14.  Check the gallery for more pictures!

We are in the home stretch of our charity campaign for Kids Kicking Cancer.  To date, over 960 donations have been made totaling more than $37,000!!  What an outstanding show of generosity!!  Thank you so much for your support to this very worthy cause.  There is still time to donate and enter your donation receipt for a chance to have dinner with Gerry.  Donation receipts will be accepted by us until February 14, 2010.  If you are mailing a check, it much be RECEIVED before February 14, so get it in the mail early.  We have already chosen 12 recipients for the gifts being offered.  All recipients have been emailed, but you can check the entry page for the names of the lucky fans.

While the above campaign is our primary charity focus at the moment, we would be remiss in not mentioning how much help is needed in the way of donations for the earthquake victims in Haiti.  If you would like to help, we recommend any of the following charities:

Gerard and other celebrities have joined with Entertainment Tonight and the American Red Cross to film Haitian relief effort public service announcements to air on ET. (News via Twitter)

Watch the PSA below:

Don’t forget!  Gamer will be out on DVD on January 19!  Pre-order your copy from Amazon.com and help support GerardButler.Net!

Publicity has begun for Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon, opening March 26, 2010.  Gerard and Craig Ferguson have been hard at work tag teaming bloggers and reporters in preparation for the films release.  Check the latest news and interviews here.


  1. Hello,
    I for one am very proud of Gerry
    for taking on what seems to be the
    daunting role of Sam Childers.
    We need to see films concerning what is actually going
    on in our world and who is perpetrating what;
    otherwise we have not got a chance in hell to change things.
    We need focus on structures of true experience as well as “pure entertainment” that
    helps us relax and be ourselves in the presence of such…… oh dear, preacher anyone..

  2. sue grint says:

    i thought gerry looked great on the globes especially seeings he hadnt shaved like last year. he looks much better with a bit of scruff. he was having such a laugh on the red carpet with that interviewer, and also with jennifer presenting. it reminded me of 05 globes when he presented with emmy.

    i think a great date with gerry would be wondering through the park just talking and getting to know each other or just through the neighbourhood taking in the sights and just picking up a burger or something you could eat as you went along. just being outdoors, as long as it wasnt raining.

    i wouldnt have expected anything less from gerry to do with the haiti charity work as he has such a big heart when it comes to people suffering. i hope they raise a lot to help these poor people who have lost everything.

  3. Betty Beaver says:

    Always steals the show …that tall, goodlooking Scotsman, Gerard Butler, at last nights Golden Globe Awards, he did it again, Just walked on stage and conquered, He should have remained on stage so we could just look at him. standing there, so rugged, manly. hunky, burly, sexy….being his usual captivating self.

  4. A date with Gerard Butler would consist of getting together and going for a real work-out…like go for a 4/5 mile run…lift some weights, do some aerobics.. afterwords…go eat at a macrobiotics restaurant. Chill, shoot the breeze….maybe go salsa dancing or just stay in relaxing watching a couple of DVDs. That’s what I call real date!