11-04-09: GQ Awards, Craig Ferguson, Coriolanus

Congratulations to Gerard as he accepted Germany’s 2009 GQ Man of the Year Award in the category of International Film in Munich yesterday.  View more pictures…

Watch Gerard’s appearance at the awards below:

Gerard reads from Craig Ferguson’s book, American on Purpose, in a segment “Celebrities Read Excerpts from Craig’s Book” that aired on November 3 on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Watch it below:

Gerard will appear on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on Friday, November 13 (the show is taped on November 12).  Visit the show’s website…


Thanks to Chris Gampat for sharing his on set pics from The Bounty.  Visit his Flickr page for more…

CoriolanusVariety and the Hollywood Reporter have confirmed Gerard’s role in the upcoming film version of  Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus.  The project is the directorial debut for Ralph Fiennes.  Fiennes will portray the title character and Gerard has been cast as Tullus Aufidius, commander of the Volscian army from the play. Read more about the project…


  1. sue grint says:

    everythings great for gerry and very busy as usual. congratulations on the GQ award and you were b rilliant at the awards and with craig. just heard you are a guest on jonathan ross week friday this will be fantastic as i think jonathan is great and the two of them together is going to be brilliant. i was just wondering, because its his 40th, whether he is coming back down to london to celebrate his birthday with friends coming over maybe from america and around the world, because london is easier to meet up in, rather than get another plane to glasgow. i hope jonathan is going to celebrate his birthday on the show.

  2. Betty Beaver says:

    As he said to Craig on the show 11-3-09-Gerard is a true artist. Cannot and must not be interrupted …and I agree 100% ..just watch him ..Enjoy every moment…savor his presence..I DO

    Upcoming Coriolanus movie AND Gerard James Butler = A perfect pair. I am paying attention already, along with fans like me out here who have followed the dizzying rise of his career. And it seems to keep rising with everything and anything he does. I especially anticipate the making of this movie. Long to see him make his-tory…….Always…Betty

  3. Betty Beaver says:

    So proud of Gerard in Germany …He was certainly great fun to watch…AND very deserving of the recognition he received as a GQ Man of the Year. German people are very wise. OXOXOX GERARD . lOVE YOU. Now on to Oslo, much success there with the Law Abiding Citizen big day, then the very lucky and loving people in your home country of Scotland will be waiting impatiently for you . wISHING YOU … much success with your premier in Glasgow on the 15th………………….Cant forget to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, life is just getting interesting. Betty….