Happy Birthday Gerry!!


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  1. Dear Gerry,
    May you have a most excellent & very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have been a fan since your-Attila/ Dracula 2000 days,so happy that so many now know your work & name where at the start was just a few of us ‘Tarts’ at the beginning in GB.Net & list serve who did. I remember when I would tell people about you & they’d not have a clue, and now…they sure DO. Wishing you a very long happy career,and healthy happy life now & always.
    LuvYa, G. oxoxox

  2. Ginny Tabers says:

    Happy birthday Gerry, I hope you have a
    Wonderful day. I am so looking forward to
    London has Fallen. I have 25 of your movies
    And am hoping to find all the ones I am missing.
    Love you and God Bless You Always!!!