Happy Birthday Gerry!!

Birthday designLet’s all wish Gerard a Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Michele Sturgeon says:

    Happy Birthday Gerry!
    I’ll always remember you!

  2. Jacki Livingston says:

    Happy Birthday, Gerry! Next year will be awesome with new films out! Making a donation in your name for the victims of the attacks in Paris. May peace prevail around the world.

  3. Feliz cumpleaƱos !!! Muchos mas Ʃxitos y logros

  4. Happy Birthday Gerry. God bless always your life. Sucess always. I love you. Alessandra

  5. Ginny Tabers says:

    Happy birthday Gerry from Ky. I can’t wait till your new movies come out. Hope you have a great day. When they come out on BlueRay I will be adding them to the 25 movies I already have you are my favorite. God bless you! Keep making movies.

  6. Happy Birthday,Gerry.

  7. Happy Birthday, Gerry.