10-31-09: Happy Halloween from Gerard Butler Dot Net

Happy Halloween from Gerard Butler Dot Net!!

Happy Halloween from Gerard Butler Dot Net!
Law Abiding Citizen takes fourth for the week bringing in $16.4 million.
The film takes third for Friday, with a box office total of $2.42 million.

Not trick or treating??  Get to the theater this weekend to support Law Abiding Citizen!!
Buy movie tickets in advance at Fandango.com!


  1. Laurel Marie Schmitz says:

    Happy Halloween to everyone at GB dot net…excellent job on the pumpkin…I know Halloween is over so I’m late with this, but my computer isn’t working very well lately…it’s had quite an attitude last few days…it’s old and I think it’s dying. I, too, am so happy for LAC and for Gerry. Luv to all of you…
    from Lori

  2. gillianfey says:

    Happy Halloween to GB.net and kudoes for the LAC jack-o-lantern. No tricks for you, just lots of Gerry treats.

  3. Oh My, who did that lovely jack-o-lantern. Very nice!!

    And Happy Halloween to you too, GB.net. I hope you get a lot of treats.

    It’s amazing…LAC is almost at the $50,000,000 mark! Makes me sooooooo happy. 🙂