Happy New Year!

To start the NewYear off right, Gerard joins Karen Gillian and Noel Gallagher on The Graham Norton Show (Series 10, Episode 9) on BBC One on Jan. 6 and BBC America on Jan. 7.



US residents, check your local TV provider for station information.


  1. Thank you so much, Sue, for your little review of the program, at least people who couldn’t watch the show (like me) can know something about the interview (the dog part sounds very funny!). And you are so lucky for had seen him! I’m glad he’s ok, of course, although is true he looks a bit slimmer (I saw photos of the event), and I’m hopping he’ll finish the film soon too, because of his hair and his “close to death” experiences…

    kisses from Spain 🙂

  2. sue grint (greatest london fan) says:

    it certainly is a happy new year for gbutt, as we nearly lost him last year. i was lucky enough to see him in mayfair for the prescreening of coriolanus, as i live in london, and was trying to ask him if he was feeling ok now, but he didnt hear me as it was a bit crazy that evening. he looked his usual gorgeous self, although a bit too slim, in my opinion, but that doesnt obviously count, and its about time now hes finished men and mavericks to go back to slightly shorter hair and stumble not that horrid beard.

    i also saw him on the graham norton show and he was so great and funny as usual. his normal self at these occasions. graham was taking the mickey out of his near death experience, and had brought this little dog on with his trainer to take gbutt back to the moment. the dog came out in surfer shorts and on a skateboard, to represent a surfboard and the dog stood up, and they had a moving wave picture behind the dog so that it looked like he was surfing and then the trainer shouted something at the dog and he fell off into the wave. it was hilarious and gbutt took it in good spirits.

  3. Oh! What a shame! 🙁 , but thanks anyway! 😉

  4. Oh my gosh! Gerard is definitely something to look at. 😉


  5. And where can people out of USA and UK watch it? maybe you could upload it here… Please! 🙂