05-02-09: Hello Magazine Monthly Poll

Gerard Butler in Hello Magazine

Gerard is once again featured in Hello Magazine’s Monthly Most Attractive Man Poll.  The winner of each monthly poll will be placed in the end of the year vote for Most Attractive Man on 2009.  Visit the Hello Magazine website to cast your vote!

The May calendar is now available in the gallery.  Thanks as well to Sharon for adding some more pics from The Ugly Truth!

NOTE TO VISITORS: In response to numerous inquiries we have been receiving, the reports about Gerry, movie scouting in India and Tom Cruise are untrue.  This is why those reports regarding his career have not been posted in our Press Room.   Thanks, as always, for sending articles our way!


  1. I give the voice each 10 minutes. I ask all it to do for Gerry!!

  2. Deanne says:

    I can’t believe that out G E R R Y is loosing this poll. VOTE PEOPLE!!!

  3. sue grint says:

    i agree with joanie about the photo of gerry. its not a good one as hes too well shaven and groomed. he looks much better with a bit of scruff and a lovely smile which we all know he has. you should have put the photo of him at the nims island premiere in l.a. minus the shades, as he looks like a bumble bee with them on, up on the web as this is my all time favourite, or there are several really nice shots of him in rocknrolla which would have been better. its true, whenever theres a competition of sorts including gerry, there is always a cramp photos set up, but his true fans know that he should always win hands down without even trying.

  4. Kathryn Dorff says:

    The pictures are too small to see even!

  5. Joanie says:

    You know, of all the fantastic photos of our Gerry, why do they ALWAYS pick one that is so blaze’??? The man is truly a magnificently handsome man and his smile is to die for. We all love him so much we know how gorgeous he is and probably vote because of our fan-love for him. Gerry is a very handsome and gorgeous man.

  6. Our G-Man had better win. He is definitely the most attractive man on two feet in this universe, for me. He has a certain quality about him that makes him so believeable as a person. He plays his roles with his whole self and that brings you into his character. The man is incredible.