01-05-10: Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man Poll

It’s that time of the year again!! Time to vote for Gerard in the annual Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man Grand Finale poll!! Here are the rules:

Voting ends on January 20 at 13:00 BST. Results will be published on the site the following day
Please note, votes can be cast only once every 10 minutes. Results will be checked for inconsistencies prior to publication.

Cast your votes today!

Another new trailer for How To Train Your Dragon was recently released.  Watch it below:

A new teaser poster has been introduced for Coriolanus by Icon International.  Gerard’s name has now been added to the poster.  Click the image below for a larger view.

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The People’s Choice Awards will be presented Wednesday, January 6 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles and will air live on CBS (9 p.m. EST).  Watch to see if Gerard wins for Best Action Star!

People.com has confirmed that Gerard will be a presenter at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.  The awards will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will air live on NBC at 8:00pm EST.


  1. Betty Beaver says:

    WAKE UP FANS…KEEP VOTING …GERARD , MOST ATTRACTIVE MAN hellomagazine has extended voting to January 25..vote every 10 minutes..!!!

  2. Support Gerardbutler.net…I’m very happy to do so! I love you guys!!!!!

    I know it’s a bit over the top to say that, but I mean it. I appreciate each of you who do the work for this website. You (and Gerry) have given me many hours of excitement and happiness, new friendships, great travel, inspiration, new online skills and so much more. I am thankful for your dedication and most of all your professionalism. I know Gerry appreciates all your hard work too.

    Just made my paypal contribution to the site, and I know the deficit will be made up soon. This is the first year you’ve ever asked for help, and I’m glad of the opportunity to give back to the site.


    • Thanks very much Cyndee! We appreciate the support! To date, we have raised close to $500 and that will help tremendously, along with the Amazon.com and Fandango commissions, which have shown a slight increase. Anytime you use any of the Amazon or Fandango links on the website, we get a small commission, so every little bit helps! Thanks to everyone!! 😀

  3. I also voted for GB today. I agree with an earlier posting about the picture they are using. GB is so photogenic, they could have used a much better picture so showcase his handsome face. I can picture so many in my head right now! Hope he beats Hugh Jackman who beat him out of Peoples Choice Action Star. Gerry deserved to win over Hugh in my opinion.

  4. Barbara B says:

    I cast my first vote and will continue to cast them until the close of the voting. He is so much more handsome then any of the others there! Oh Gerry, you are my most attractive man (don’t let my husband see this, lol).

  5. Betty Beaver says:

    I voted for GB today…would have voted sooner if I had been aware, but was glad to see the update.. Mr Butler, you are a winner already to me and your fans the world over. Most attractive and much, much more.. always.

  6. barb campbell says:

    gb has my vote

  7. Thanks for the update. I voted for GB in the poll, but I don’t really like the picture they are using. 🙁