09-05-09: Jimmy Kimmel Live Fan Video

Thanks to Curls93 for video of Gerard Butler arriving at Jimmy Kimmel LIVE for tonight’s show.

For pictures and commentary from Curls93, visit her website.


  1. And some of these guys will be selling the pictures on line, They are
    Autograph hounds amoung the fans. Some are really nice. Some are jerks and have an attitude.
    I have seen them in person, they are lucky Gerry is so generous. He knows they are going to be sold on line. And that Poor little girl. Gerry you Rock! You are so good to your fans, and the others.

  2. ok the guy who kept saying “we’ve been waying here until 1pm” – they should be happy he is spending time to sign autographs and meet fans. and he was so sweet making sure the little girl in the crowd was ok. he is so gentle kind hearted. i wouldn’t care if i was in crowd like that. as long as i can tell gerry what a great actor he is and a wonderful person, that is perfect for me. 🙂

  3. Hi Gerry,
    I’ve seen GAMER twice already and I’ll be going again sometime this week. It’s a ride!! Loved it!! I love the concept of the story as well. Those explosions…were…close!

    Loved your interview with Jimmy Kimmel…OMG I love all your interviews but last night’s was hilarious. Soup Dragons eh..hehehehe..That was classic. Never change Gerry…You will always make me smile 🙂

    btw, you were wonderful with that wacky wire!!
    Lily xx

  4. i thought the show was brilliant,one of his best, especially the bit about the doughnuts, true mike chadway, i think, that was hilarious and i laughed so loud, and gerry was in stitches. the wacky wire i know very well, because when i was at junior school about 10 or 11 we had a fete and i was in charge of the wacky wire so i connected with that part of the show very well. these interviews we have had recently referring to gamer have been great fun and i am really looking forward to seeing the film on 16 sept. in the uk, but i am a bit concerned as to whether i will like the violence, because i was a bit weary of 300 but not in the end turned out ok because it was graphic and done in a very arty way, but this is more realistic, i will have to see, but i want to go and see the film as ive followed gerry since tombraider back in 03 and i usually enjoy his films because they are so varied. while i am writing i was just wondering now he is back in la has he finished filming the bounty now and due for a long rest, and also do we know if his next film is going to be burns later on in the year.

  5. That was soooo funny. Love you Gerry. Saw Gamer yesterday and what a wild ride that was! Gerry looks fantastic in Gamer and Kimmel show. He really is on top of his game.

  6. Was at the show, and really enjoyed it, but felt bad he was hounded 🙁 the good news for him is that he ended out getting the number of his old girl “friend” from when he was 17 because she was in the audience…I was sitting next to her.

  7. Kathryn Dorff says:

    This is great! I love when he saw a little girl in the audience
    and went to her. Hope we can see the Jimmy Kimmel Show clip
    as I cannot get that channel since the converstion to HD.