01-23-09: Law Abiding Citizen Cast Brings the Funny to Philly City Hall

Gerard, Jamie Foxx and F. Gary Gray had some fun at Philadelphia City Hall today as Mayor Michael Nutter presented the cast and crew of Law Abiding Citizen with a Liberty Bell.  Jamie did an impersonation of the Mayor to the delight of City workers, while Gerard complained about always being paired with Oscar winners…

Gerard Butler stepped to the mike and jokingly complained that he was tired of getting second billing in films starring Academy Award winners (like Foxx), and hoisted the bell, proclaiming: “this is my Oscar.”

Gerard Butler at Philadelphia City Hall
Check out the video of the news conference at 6ABC Action News Philadelphia…

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Hugh over at Philly Chit Chat was there and sent us this photo.   Check out his blog for more set pics from yesterday and he will hopefully have others from the news conference up later tonight.  Thanks again Hugh!


  1. samantha witter says:

    dear gerry, thank u are agreat actor, think law abidden citizen is one of my favorite movies plus i enjoy watching that incredible sexy smile of yours

  2. Gerry’s “Oscar” is coming. And the statuette I am making will be to him, if not sooner but, at least by Christmas. Then Gerry can know when he looks at it that we love him more than words can ever say!!! Gerry is a real charmer and I am very proud of him!! I love what my son said about Gerry’s outfit. “He is the kind of man that knows he doesn’t need to get dressed up to be loved and appreciated. He is confident unto himself.” God in heaven, I love this man.


  3. Don’t worry Gerry. You have an Oscar, and other awards coming to you! It’s nice to see everyone having fun on the set. You brightened my day.

  4. We were there!!!

    Gerry was ADORABLE and seemed genuinely happy to see us. We sat in the front row (about 8 of us Gerry fans that he called “tarts”.)

    The man is incredible…of course we already knew that but to see the others in the room (city workers, photographers, news people) fall to his charms was a wonderful experience.

    I pray LAC turns out to be a special film. Us Philly girls were so proud to see him accept the Liberty Bell presentation. What a guy!!


  5. Glad that you are all having a good time!!
    Wishing you all the very best!

  6. Awww What a great reception and what an adorable bell!!! Don’t worry Gerry..you’ll get your oscar one day!! hehehehe..Nice to see everyone having a good time. I can’t wait to see this film!! sounds great and what a awesome location. All The best oxox

  7. Mr. Butler, I am so thrilled you finally started filming LAC and that you and Jamie Foxx are enjoying the city of Brotherly Love.

    Best Wishes to you and the cast.

    C. J.

  8. It sounds like Gerry, Jamie and friends all had a great time. What cute pictures..especially of Gerry!! I had to laugh about Jamie doing an impersonation of the major. His impersonation at the inaugural concert was one of the highlights…very funny.