08-07-09: Law Abiding Citizen, Gamer News

Law Abiding Citizen Poster

Fandango has posted a new poster for Law Abiding Citizen, WITH the new release date of October 16.  View a larger version… What do you think?  Leave us a comment!

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More production photos from Gamer have been added to the gallery.  View more…

More pictures from the UK premiere of The Ugly Truth have also been added to the gallery.  View more…


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  1. Denise_Dacek says:

    Hi F.Gary Gray
    I think the poster is ok, sometimes simple is better. Its not too busy and Gerry’s look does capture the tone pretty well. Great casting too! Gerry is so versital, he’s really starting to come into himself as an actor, I would compare him to a modern day Cary Grant. He can perform drama, comedy, action and he has a sexual appeal that drivers us ladies crazy. Jamie Foxx is really impressive as well. Can’t wait to see your final product and keep up the good work.

  2. I like the first poster with Gerry and Jamie. This one looks unfinished. It needs an exciting background-please reconsider using the original idea with Gerry and Jamie. This poster will not attract attention, it is too plain.

  3. It looks like my 4th grade niece did her own interpretation of the Rock n’ Rolla poster on Microsoft paint.

  4. MissDebbieBlue says:

    I like the original poster the best. It’s more creative and definately makes you wonder… What’s this movie going to be about? Plus, the intense hate projected by Gerry’s eyes because of the direct full faced image is AMAZING. There’s just nothing special about the second poster.


    Any thing with GERARD on it . Is A work of art….. which I will hang on my bedroom wall , if I can find any more room…YOUR devoted fan , BRENDA STARR * San Diego .

  6. mathteachtx says:

    I don’t really care for the new posters. They seem plain and do not communicate the same level of drama that the earlier one with both Foxx and Butler did. You get a sense of the conflict between the two men and the storyline with the earlier version. These last two just look like angry men. Really doesn’t matter what the posters look like. Gerard’s in the movie so I will see it no matter what the posters or critics or etc. have to say. Can’t Wait!

  7. Suzy from Texas1 says:

    Not liking it as much as the first one with a closeup of Gerry’s face and Jamie’s whole figure rising out of it. Gerry’s eyes looks funny in this new poster and it looks rather amateur compared to others I have seen. That first one was genius.

  8. pamelajane says:

    I don’t like these posters either. I agree with what Dragon Slayer had to say about the other poster they were using.

  9. Rosemary says:

    I am not impressed. I don’t like the poster. There is nothing creative about it. It gives away the entire plot in the verbiage….The System Must Pay…Law Abiding Citizen. And…you can’t even tell the title of the film….the font in The System Must Pay is larger than the font in the title of the film. Gerry’s facial expression looks overdone/contrived. They need a graphic designer who is more creative and who can work with nuance and not just the obvious.

  10. It’s perfect! (except that I would have listed Gerry’s name first)

  11. Dragon Slayer says:

    I hate this poster! Whatever happened to the wonderful one with the cut-out of Gerry’s face…that’s the one I want…

  12. Bonnie Welch says:

    No. I like the first posters, especially the one with Jamie “inside” Gerry’s head. That one is PERFECT, and says exactly what it needs too. And Gerry back on top please 🙂 He has over-earned it by now!!! And he’s producing it for heaven’s sake!!!!

  13. sue grint says:

    i agree that the new posters look a bit ordinary. the first poster was a lot more imaginative and intriguing and quite scary. i hope they go back to that one. i have a spare room in my flat now and i have nicknamed it my gerry room, as i have the posters of my favourite films on the wall, and i have just added the billboard from the premiere of tut to the 300 and rocknrolla ones, as when you attend the premieres you are allowed to take the billboards home afterwards. these are the hardboard posters they attach to the barriers. the only problem now is most of the films are great and the posters are too, and i am fast running out of space as the posters are quite large and take up a lot of room. if the films and posters keep getting better and better ill have to start some sort of rotation system because i dont want to miss out on them. its like now, both gamer and lac, providing its the old poster, are both brilliant and i will want them both

  14. gillianfey says:

    Catchy photo. Billing before was GB-JF. Why is it now JF-GB?

  15. mjbooklady says:

    I’m not a big fan of the new poster for LAC it is too plain and lacks a visual punch, even with that great photo of Gerry.
    I think the poster you have posted on the home page with Gerry’s face imposed over Jamie Foxx’s figure is a more intriguing concept and relates more to the movie’s theme.
    Thanks for all the up-dates – very exciting times for a Gerry fan!


  16. Realgypsygirl says:

    Not overly fond of the poster … just leaves me a bit cold. Also don’t understand why Jamie Foxx gets first billing when Gerry is producing and was first star attached to the movie. Seems he takes 2nd seat a lot … even after his success. I’ve seen some amateur renditions of posters for the movie that I liked better. Wonder when TV ads for both Gamer and LAC will start running.

  17. The one is Gerard with the shadow of Jamie Foxx falling across him. I prefer that one to the others. Gerry looks deadly on that one.

    Cheers Joan (HUG) xx

  18. It has an intense depth to it. Yes ,this certainly sets the mood for this movie. Looking forwared to this one. Bring it on Gerry.

    Love Joan (HUG) xxx

  19. Julianna says:

    I like them…maybe they should be facing each other though. I think they’d stand out in a theater lobby. 🙂