01-22-09: Law Abiding Citizen Gets Down to Business in Philly

F. Gary Gray by PhillybitsJamie Foxx by PhillybitsLaw Abiding Citizen has begun filming in Philadelphia with Jamie Foxx and director F. Gary Gray outside City Hall.  Thanks to Scene in Philly for the pics from yesterday’s first day.  Please ask permission from Phillybits before reposting these pics elsewhere.

Mayor Michael Nutter will welcome the cast and crew, including Gerard, to the city tomorrow at 1:30pm.  Read more…


  1. All the very best to everyone involved, especially to you Gerard ~ may it all go exactly as you desire!

  2. Best Wishes to the cast and crew. Philadelphia is a great city. Alot to see and do there. Keep warm everyone!! Gerry, best of luck on the movie and the first to produce!! Congrats!!

  3. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    Yay! Gerry’s certainly getting a glimpse at some very historic places in the US now.

    Best wishes on filming “Law Abiding Citizen” to all the cast and crew.
    Sue H.