02-26-09: Law Abiding Citizen Release Tentatively Set

Overture FilmsOverture Films, the distributor for Law Abiding Citizen, has tentatively set the release date for the film as March 26, 2010.  Read more…

In more LAC news, actor Jamie Foxx was injured while playing basketball in Philadelphia.  While the injury was not as serious as the article makes it out to be (it was only a sprain), it reportedly did cut short filming at Holmesburg Prison yesterday, but the film is still on schedule.  Read more…

Thanks once again to HughE over at Philly Chit Chat for sharing photos of Gerard from New York Fashion Week.

Check out HughE’s blog for what he had to say about his short conversation with Gerry about working in Philadelphia.  One small note about Hugh’s blog and his reference to Gerard on Twitter. We checked with Alan Siegel and the person on Twitter is NOT Gerard Butler.  Gerry doesn’t even know what Twitter is!   😀

We are happy to announce that the Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group has just sent another check to Kids Kicking Cancer for $1700.  This was the balance of the birthday charity campaign AND the cookbook and ornament sales at CafePress.  Thanks to everyone who donated and purchased the cookbook and ornaments.  Check your emails for notification to the winner of the autographed gift if you submitted an entry from your cookbook purchase!

Gerard Butler . Net Valentine Wishes Charity CampaignOur Valentine Wishes Campaign will run through March 15.  This will be the last organized fundraising campaign of 2009 until the late summer when things will start heating up for October’s Global Birthday Celebration.    We will update the donation totals tomorrow.  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far!!


  1. Philly Chit Chat says:

    OK don’t hate me, I won’t be posting the story until Monday. A photo was picked up by the local paper and I have an agreement with them that I won’t scoop them with my own photos. But look for a few to pop up around the net tomorrow. – HughE

  2. Thinking back to the days when we didn’t know what would be next and now we have a year or more of riches to look forward to and much more beyond that in the planning stages. LOL

    Sorry Jamie was hurt but glad it was toward the end or filming. Hope he mends quickly.

    Thanks for the updates.


  3. Philly Chit Chat says:

    I just got back from photographing the evening shoot of Law Abiding Citizen in downtown. I will be posting the photos shortly. Again they won’t be the best shots, but I am sure tomorrow my agency will release them. Thanks for visiting my site http://www.PhillyChitChat.com and to Sharon and everyone at Gerard Butler.net Gerard was really nice, posed with fans and signed autographs. One fan gave him Scottish necklace and posed with her. Another fan posed then waited, then posed with him again, and finally the 3rd time Gerard said how many photos do you need of me, she said as many as I can get.