08-13-09: Law Abiding Citizen Website Launched

Law Abiding Citizen Official Website

The official website for Law Abiding Citizen has been launched.  Nothing much to see yet (trailer should be linked shortly), but you can register for email updates on the site!  Follow the film on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Law-Abiding-Citizen/78414982165)  and Twitter (http://twitter.com/AbidingCitizen) as well!


Read an interview, The New Romantic, from Red Magazine (UK).  Thanks to Jude!


  1. i was lucky enough to win a ticket for one of the early screenings of lac in london last night, as it doesnt officially hit uk until 27 november. it was absolutely brilliant and gerry stole the film, although his cat and mouse antics with jamie were fantastic and very funny at times. i found that you couldnt take your eyes off the screen for the 2 hours it was on for and because it was so exciting and making you think all the way through, the 2 hours went so quickly. there was a mixture of action, suspense, yucky bits, as i call it, and humour, which i didnt realise was going to be in it. there was one bit, when the whole cinema jumped and then you get that buzz when the audience are settling down again. it was fantastic. it happened at the beginning as well because of the home invasion when gerrys wife and daughter are murdered, after it happens you think shit what just happened then, as it happened so fast and then the story begins and unfolds. the storyline is fantastic, the way you have to keep guessing and working things out in your own head is very cleverly filmed. i thoroughly recommend this film as i think it is gerrys best to date, which is hard to say as because he takes roles in lots of different areas, he is good in lots of different categories, but over all he was bloody brilliant.

  2. I just watched the best action movie of the year. What a great movie. I enjoyed the suspense, action & the plot was great. The subject matter was very interesting, controversial to some but rather provokes thought about justice. There is a scene in the movie where i do think an editing error was made. It is when Cylde is brought into the prison ward & he is punched by Nick. He has a bloody mouth..spits blood but when he’s in dialogue he has no bloody mouth…like he was never punched… sorry i just pay attention to detail but other than that.. it was a great experience…we need more Gary Gray movies.

  3. This looks like a wonderful movie – and such a great opportunity to use his amazing acting skills. It’s going to break our hearts – I know it! I’m so anxious to see this and Gamer. I, for sure, will attend the opening. It will be, as usual with a Gerry movie, one I will see numerous times.

  4. A couple of screen caps of the trailer of LAC are all I’ve seen so far and already I’m hooked! First comes Gamer and then LAC bursts on the scene – what an autumn bounty!

    Good luck on both – may they both be winners!