09-12-09: Learn More About Law Abiding Citizen

Learn more about Law Abiding Citizen from Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, Lucas Foster and F. Gary Gray on the updated career page of the website where we’ve added interesting reads on the cast and filmmakers and extensive production notes on the film.  Gerard and company discuss the production, “heroes and villains” and “a look at “Neo-Noir” Philadelphia”.

In addition, updated and additional production photos have been added to the Law Abiding Citizen gallery.  HQ photos added earlier this week are twice as big now!

Thank to Overture Films for the extra info and production stills.  😀

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  1. I just finished reading all the updates on LAC from yesterday’s update. Those are super interesting. Alan especially gave a lot of insight into the making of LAC. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Fascinating information. Shows everybody has put a lot of thought and attention into this film and I wish it well.

    SIde note – I love career summaries of actors, directors, producers and so forth. Always makes them more human and accessible to see where they came from, how they’ve worked to be where they are, and, sometimes, where they would like to go. Also, great to learn of Alan’s background. Very interesting – he and Gerry have created a great partnership. Continued success to all!