10-06-09: Live Chat with Gerard at 10am PT

It’s premiere day for Law Abiding Citizen and Gerard Butler is doing a live chat on USTREAM and MySpace with fans about the film.  Click here, or watch the interview below:


  1. The ugly thruth…is that perfect man doesnt not exist…or it might be too far away or taken:-) Very cute movie..and you are just adorable and hot… Keep doing a great job!
    Big hugs from Romania,

  2. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hi Gerry, You were your usual wonderful self in this, question and answer interview on LAC. Have all your movies and have just finished seeing TUT, 68 times. Didn’t like Gamer to wild for me, but can’t wait to see LAC, by the way I’m 84, so not all your fans are screaming teenagers. Been movie buff since childhood. Best wishes for continued success. GERT DUELL

  3. Hola Gerard cómo estás?. Te cuento que soy de Neuquén – Argentina y es la primera vez que hago este tipo de cosas, es lindo hacerlas. Siceramente sos muy lindo, pero no sólo tu físico tus ojos, sino tu persionalidad es muy atrapante, simple, simpático, dulce. La mejores de la suertes para vos por siempre.”No tienes que prometerme la luna…. Me bastaría si solo te sentaras conmigo un rato debajo de ella”

  4. jill epler says:

    Dear Gerry,

    Sike!! Loved the live interview, very cute. So ready to get on the roller coaster of extreme excitement with you, the ultimate law abiding cuteness OOPS citizen on Oct 16. I never took a breath in GAMER, did the movie go off, and shut down for SHOCK VALUE, or did I just go to a crummy theater??? Please email me I need to know!! I pray God bless you to win an Oscar, you deserve it man!!!!!!

    My prayers and blessings for you daily,
    Jilly from FL

  5. Hi Gerry and Gary,
    Thank you so much for taking your time to spend with us on this Live Ustream video..Makes me want to see the film even more!! I know my co workers are looking forward to it too 🙂
    All The best to the cast and crew and kuddos too Gerry for producing this film!!

  6. Great idea! Right here, right now, though a difference – 11 hours

  7. What a nice thing for Gerry and Gary to take the time on this busy day to give a live interview. It was awesome, but way too short. I’m looking forward to the fan site conference.

    I know LAC will be a hit…I can just feel it in the air. 🙂

  8. Holaaaaa!! un saludo desde Tijuana!! cuando vienes a Tijuana Gerard?? te esperamos para que estrenes una peli aca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pd: si no sabes español yo te enseño jaja 🙂

  9. wpuld have been great to hear it without the preview drowning out eerythinf gerry is saying

  10. I loved listening to both men discussing the film.

    I got annoyed when the audio clips overrode their conversation.

    Can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!!


  11. hello im looking forward to seeing the new movie

  12. Gerard Butler you are flipin HOT!!!!!! There are no other words to describe you! If you are as sweet as you seem to be, then god created the perfect man!!! 😉 Oh yeah and the movie looks AWESOME, can’t wait to see it!!!

    Hugs and kisses!