07-09-09: Live with Regis and Kelly, Gamer Augmented Poster


Gerard is scheduled to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly on Friday, July 24 promoting The Ugly Truth.  The show airs at 9am in most markets.  Check your local listings for exact air times.


More video and images from filming of Bounty Hunter have been added.

Gerard Butler in Gamer
IGN Movies is excited to present you with this exclusive first look at the augmented reality movie poster for Lionsgate’s upcoming action film, Gamer! This is the first time that augmented reality technology has been utilized for a movie poster, and it’s an experience that you can interact with using this new application.  Read more…


  1. Wendy Girl says:

    Congrats on all of your success & upcoming events. I knew from the 1st time I saw your acting, that it was just a matter of time. Thanks for the great entertainment. Looking forward to whats to come! (hope you make a movie in N.E. Ohio)

    Stay grounded! Love you Gerry

  2. sue grint says:

    i know we can get the conan show in the uk, but the craig fergusson and regis and kelly we cant i dont think unless someone knows otherwise and tells me, but i can just wait and watch them on you tube eventually. i hope gerry can make it to the uk premiere of tut even though he has a big commitment as hes still filming the bounty hunter, and also he has been allowed to go to la to do all these interviews and attend the la premiere. i have met him twice before but it is always lovely to see him again as he is great fun and has a really lovely personality towards his fans. i have already temporarily booked that afternoon off work so that i can get my usual spot up front so i can get my usual kiss and hug, but this time i am determined to get a photo with him, third time lucky as they say. i have always got great photos of him, but not one of us together, so heres hoping.

  3. amaranthe says:

    He is also scheduled to be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (on CBS) July 21st, 12:30am EDT, but check your listings.

    They are hilarious together, it’s been a great interview each time, so I’m really looking forward to it!

  4. Hi Gerry. I love the look of Gamer and the Ugly Truth. See you in London at the Premiere. You are really the top Actor now and you deserve all the sucess as a reward for all of your hard work. I have watched you from the time I saw the Polaroid advert and then Attilla. You are fascinating on screen and not many can say that and having met you I can see the magic. Phantom was amazing. So much more than just a film. I was haunted by the book and transfixed by your performance. You are so gifted. Please continue so that we may all enjoy the work of a true artist.

    Joan. (HUG).xxx

  5. I wish you all the best Gerry, you are my best actor and I admire you very much, please, try to come to Spain, we want you and admire your great talent

    Isabel Benidorm