Gerry Shopping Guide

Here are answers and links to the most commonly asked questions about items and products Gerry has owned and used.


Jo Malone – Nutmeg and Ginger Unisex Cologne

From the Jo Malone website: Nutmeg & Ginger was my first fragrance. I was looking for ingredients that wouldn’t lock together completely but would create an unexpected twist. Ginger is very versatile; it brings a fresh, sharp element, yet at the same time adds warmth and depth. Nutmeg supplied the twist of spice I was looking for.


Burberry – Burberry Brit for Men Aftershave

From the Neiman Marcus Website: Complement the fragrance with the after shave balm or spray, scented with the fresh oriental woody fragrance with notes of green mandarin, nutmeg, and tonka beans.


Ring given to him by a former girlfriend – Crafted by a very exclusive jeweller in London called Wright & Teague. They are a husband and wife team who are well known for their unique jewelry artistry (sort of an English version of our American “James Avery”). The ring (inscribed with “Dedicated to the one I Love” is part of their “Inscription Rings” collection appropriately.

Thanks to adscriven for researching the information.

Silver Bracelet – Also crafted by Wright & Teague. This particular bracelet does have a small heart charm on it.

Again, thanks to adscriven!

Silver necklace, silver bracelet and leather bracelet seen in pics from Japan -Designed by an artist named D. Joseph Bortoli. Sold by Nagual Design as part of the Hibiscus Collection.

The necklace is called Regul Bud Pendant (DJP-10) from the Hibiscus Collection.
The silver bracelet is from the Atlantis Collection from The Joseph Bortoli line.
The leather bracelet is from the CABO collection and was a gift to Gerard from Joseph Bortoli when Gerard attended their 10th Anniversary Party.

Gerry purchased his pieces at the flagship store in Venice, California. Other celebs like Colin Farrell and Billy Bob Thorton have also bought items from Nagual.

Thanks to the Japanese fans for initally researching this!!
Thanks to Joseph Bortoli for the information about the bracelets and the image below!


“59” Jacket from Toronto – The 59 Motorcycle Club is the larget motorcycle club in the world.

As far as we can tell, the jacket is vintage and not available for sale.


Juicy Couture Jeans

Photo courtesy of


Sharpie Pen – Available at most drugstores and office supply stores worldwide


Starbucks – Normally orders, Venti Non-Fat Latte

Red Bull– Find a college campus

CocaCola – Find a soda machine

Water – Can be obtained by turning on the tap in any household