12-16-09: More Gerard from Dubai

DIFF2009 has posted the press conference with Gerard in two parts.  We have added them to our YouTube Favorites page.  Watch them below:

Part One:

Part Two:

From GulfNews – GNTV:

Gerard Butler leaves Dubai fans captivated

Gerard also attended the Avatar screening at the DIFF closing gala.  View more in the gallery…

‘The Bounty Hunter’ gets a poster.  A clean version of The Bounty Hunter poster is now available.  Click image for a larger view.:


  1. Ward Zavala says:

    Do you have a facebook I can follow you on?

  2. hope gerry will remake lou ferrigno’s 1983 hercules!!
    this gonna bigger than 300!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Celeste Martinez says:

    Oh my goodness, just watched the trailer for “The Bounty Hunter”!! It looks fun & very funny! The chemistry between Gerard & Jennifer looks like something to see! Cant wait for it to come to the theatres! Once again, Gerry never ceases to entertain & amaze us……..thank you!