01-24-09: More of the ‘Gerard and Jamie Show’ from Philadelphia City Hall

Gerard Butler and Mayor Michael Nutter

MyFox Philadelphia brings us another video, Star Power Has City Leaders Seeing Dollar Signs, from the January 23 news conference with the mayor and cast/crew of Law Abiding Citizen.  Many thanks to Sharon for being on the ball, working well into the UK night and putting screencaps in the gallery.  Screencaps from yesterday’s 6ABC video have also been added.

Thanks once again to Philly Chit Chat for some great pics from the press conference with Gerard, Alan Siegel, Sharon Pinkenson, Mayor Michael Nutter and Jamie Foxx.  Hugh also sent us some additional photos which you can view in the gallery, along with ones from Just Jared.  Thanks again to Sharon for working so hard with Hugh and others in getting us some great photos!

We have already heard from Carol in Philly, were you at the press conference too?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

With the obvious comraderie between the actors and directors of the film, we are VERY excited about this film that Gerry has worked so hard on and, of course, pulling for its success. How excited are YOU for the film? Cast your vote here! or on the homepage left sidebar.


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  1. dreamscometrue says:

    Since I promised myself I wouldn’t freeze up again or tear up if I ever was lucky enough to get close to Gerry again. I’m a senior citizen and time is of the essence. As he was putting the Liberty Bell back into its box I lightly tap him on the shoulder. As he turned around the eyes have it. He had me again at hello! I said quietly to him I have flown out to LA 3 times for a birthday hug and ————-he said “well you are going to collect it right now.” He put his arms completely around me and gave me a big squeeze. The way he was holding me I had no other choice than to put my arms around his neck and I kissed his scruff ever so gently. It was soooo soft. He kept holding me even while we spoke and I told him just how much joy he has given me since my hubby’s passing. He really took the time to listen. I thanked him, told him I loved his movies, and God Bless. I have no pictures except the side of my head on Fox News that you have posted. Getty Images did take one so if anyone sees it – I would love to have it if they even used it. By now Gerry is walking slowly to the door and all the people who were in the back of the room were around him so he couldn’t really move. I forgot to give him the beaded bracelet I made so I gave it to Alan. I made my way to the door just to wave good-by but he saw me there, stopped again and said “you take real good care of yourself.” I said OK and that I had given a bracelet for him to Alan. He grabbed my hand and thanked me ever so graciously. You can’t imagine all the wonderful looks on his face at different times today that will be engraved in my mind & heart forever.

    Gerry truly is a very giving, caring and understanding person. I’m so proud to be a member of his fan club. It was a magical day for me.

  2. My picture of Gerry and I at City Hall.

    Carole and Gerry

  3. helpmerhonda says:

    I was at the press conference and both Gerry and Jamie were very funny. It’s was so great that the cast of Law Abiding Citizen was acknowledged and welcomed by the mayor and the city. Way to go!