01-19-10: More Golden Globes, Polls

Golden Globes coverage on the red carpet from Access Hollywood. Watch below their coverage of the InStyle After Party:

We are entering the final stretch for both the Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man of 2009 poll(voting extended to January 25) and ScotCare’s Scot of the Year poll(ending this week). Cast your votes NOW!!


  1. mjbooklady says:

    Thanks so much for all the great up-dates from the Golden Globes.
    Gerry looked wonderful and he did a great job presenting.

    A note – Hello Magazine has just posted that they have extended the voting on their poll
    Quote-” DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND VOTING HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 25 AT 13:00 BST. Results will be published on the site the following day”