10-03-09: More Law Abiding Citizen Clips

View more clips from Gerard Butler’s Law Abiding Citizen below:

Play the “One Step Ahead” game on the official Law Abiding Citizen website!


  1. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    It’s so exciting to see Gerry back in a more serious role where his amazing acting skills shine. Poor Clyde, you can really feel the despair he’s going through in the first clip, as if his heart is just being ripped out and stepped on. Jamie Fox also looks like he’s going to be great in this movie and I think the two of them together will make this a fantastic film.

    So excited think I’m going to be living in the cinema for a month when this comes out.

    Mrs G.xx

  2. Thanks for the clips. I love seeing them. The game was fun but after you figure it out you don’t want to play it anymore because it doesn’t change. I know I am stating the obvious but, Gerry is so hot in this movie. Hot “daddy Gerry” and Hot “angry Gerry”…..

  3. Darlena Wills says:

    Ahh man, y’all are just whetting my appetite! Come on, Oct. 16th!

  4. Kathryn Dorff says:

    I liked seeing the new clips so that I have more
    information about the premise, etc. As for the
    game, I didn’t get very far. I only could get the
    blue wire disconnected, and when the purple came
    up, I wasn’t able to figure out what to do for it to
    not blow up. So I was disappointed with that, and
    the instructions didn’t help with that.