06-04-09: New Pics, The Ugly Truth Premiere Contest

Gerard attends the  Massimo Ferragamo Cocktail Party in New York City on June 3.  More pictures…

Sony Rewards Contest
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  1. Jerry Hibbs says:

    What a talented man, He can walk the walk and talk the talk.

  2. Melissa says:

    MY OH MY!!!! He is the most handsome man in the world. I really need to stop bringing only the movies home with him in them…my husband is starting to catch on to my little crush! If I weren’t married, I would have to track him down….even for a little glimpse. PLEASE, PLEASE come to Kansas City.

  3. Dotty McMillan says:

    Gerry is the only actor that I’ve met that is actually better looking in person than he is in photos and on the screen. I almost passed out when I first saw him. This is a great photo though. But I don’t thimk I’d live through seeing him again in person. LOL

  4. Gerry is really looking absolutely great!!!!!! Cannot say more than that! Wish he would visit South Africa some time.

  5. Violet28 says:

    Gerry ¡¡¡ My God !!! Gerry looks so handsome,¡¡¡ What smile!!!
    Gerry , please ,come to BENIDORM – ESPAÑA ¡¡¡PLEASE !!!

    Aqui necesitamos que vuelvas otra vez y que no te vemos desde que viniste en 2004 para presentar THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, te admirmos muchisimo y te queremos ,gracias por tu trabajo eres el mas grande .

    Y love you


  6. titian haired mona says:

    Stunning, simply stunning. Mr. Butler looks marvelous with that lovely red tie.
    And that million watt smile…HE lights up the world around HIM.

  7. sherry7 says:

    As always gorgeous. Sigh

  8. Carolyn says:

    Gerard looks very handsome and happy.I can’t wait to see the pics from the set of “Bounty”.
    Everyone says how sweet and kind he is and it shows on his face.Looking forward to “The Ugly Truth”

  9. sue grint says:

    gerry looks so handsome in that suit and the tie is just the right colour and adds that final touch.

    its a shame the competition is just for us residents, but it would cost too much for someone to fly in from abroad. i am from london but i am holidaying in the states exactly a month before the premiere and 400 miles up the coast in san francisco, but never mind. i cant be greedy as i have met gerry twice in london in the past two years at premieres, and got two hugs and two kisses off him and some great photos, but a girl can never get too much of our gerry can she.

  10. My God! What smile! He is the most handsome man in the world!!!

  11. Loving the red tie…so handsome…