02-09-10: New PSA for Artists for Peace and Justice

Artists for Peace and Justice has released a new PSA featuring Gerard and other celebs like Maria Bello, Simon Baker, Olivia Wilde and Daniel Craig.  Read more…

Watch the PSA below:

Additional photos from the APJ luncheon, held at the home of the charity’s founder Paul Haggis, have been added to the gallery courtesy of Artists for Peace and Justice.  Rights are granted to display/use these photos on Gerardbutler.net, but not for any redistribution to any other party.

Follow the activities and events for APJ on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Kids Kicking Cancer
We are in the final week of our campaign in support of Kids Kicking Cancer.  To date, over $53,900 has been raised from 1332 donation receipts submitted!! Thank you for all the support!! It’s not too late to send in your donation receipts!  If you are mailing a check, it must be RECEIVED before February 14, so get it in the mail early.  Click here for all the details…

The final two recipients will be chosen on February 13 and the lucky fan to Enjoy a Date with Gerry will be chosen on February 14.

Two new TV spots are now online for this movie.  A new synopsis of the film has also been added to our career page for the film.   Watch the TV spots below:



A reminder that Law Abiding Citizen is out on DVD on February 16.  Pre-order your copy from Amazon.com today and help support GerardButler.Net!!   Click here…

DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. report they have entered into a televised promotional partnership with NBC, debuting today (Tuesday, February 9th), three days before the start of NBC’s broadcast of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.   They have produced seven winter sports-themed, CG animated ‘vignettes’ tied to the upcoming Paramount release “How To Train Your Dragon”, opening March 26th.   The entire series is narrated by late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson and directed by Tim Johnson, an executive producer of “How To Train Your Dragon”.   Read more…


  1. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Yes I would like to comment on the response of all our best artiist coming out not only donating their time but large sums of money and also making sure the money goes to where it will help the most, and that is the building of new schools. Also not only for right now, but five years into the future. I’m so proud of them and of course Gerry Butler, who did not hold back making sure that Haiti, will have all it needs for the future. As for”Kids Kicking Cancer” Gerry’s has been involved in this Charity for a long time and has got all of us to donate to that great cause. Again”Thank’s” Gerry. Your Admiring Fan…Gert Duell.

  2. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hi, Can’t wait for the DVD of LAC to come out, will be first in line to purchase it. And am putting up with all this snow knowing that spring will bring, How to,”How To Train Your Dragon” and “The Bounty Hunter” What a wonderful spring to look forward to. Thank’s Gerry, for all your hard work. Your grateful Fan….. Gert Duell