04-10-09: New The Ugly Truth Trailer

Trailer Park on MySpace debuts the second trailer for The Ugly Truth in HD.  View it below!


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The Ugly Truth is set to be released on July 24, 2009 and is rated R.

Thank you for all your emails inquiring about the validity of Gerard’s account on Twitter.  We can say with 100% certainty that Gerard is NOT on Twitter.  This was verified with Alan Siegel Entertainment back in February.  The account is also listed as a fake on several websites that maintain lists of real and fake accounts.

GerardButlerDotNet does maintain a Twitter account where we send all our updates and follow movie news from entertainment sources.  Feel free to join us there!


  1. Jeannie says:

    I think this is the best of all the trailers I’ve seen and unfortunately this trailer was better than the movie itself. They should have gotten whoever edited the trailer, to have edited the movie. I loved Gerry, and Katherine and the rest of the cast were excellent; but the movie was very sadly way below excellent.

  2. Quando este filme chegará ao Brasil? Não aguento mais esperar. Estou louca para ver este homem, o mais lindo, charmoso e atraente do planeta. Gerry, eu estou feliz por ti, pelas estreias, e te desejo muito boa sorte. Good lucky for you. I Love You.

  3. I like it. I can not wait to see it in the cinema.
    Specialy how he talks about how man really are. hahaha

  4. Love the trailer! They both look great and seem to be having a lot of fun…cannot wait to see this movie!

  5. Theresa Hebert says:

    OMG….loved the trailer….too hillarious…can’t wait to see this film…i know it would be great…both have the chemistry…

  6. Looks like another hit to me. Gerard and Katherine look like they have great chemistry so that’s half the battle. They both are naturally comedic, not to mention very attractive actors, so this just HAS to be a winner. I wonder if they got to ad-lib at all? Can’t wait to see this one and with G.B. in it, I’ll be seeing it over and over again.

  7. Trisha Beer says:

    It’s another romantic comedy, and I love them but I would really like to
    see Mr Butler in a good period movie. I hope Burns will come about soon.

  8. I very much wish to see this film more soon. I think, that he will be perfect another Gerry what I still never saw his. But I think, that it will be remarkable. Gerry very talented actor, He does not play the his roles, He in them lives! And this role will not be an exception. I wish you the further successes in your career, my boy!!

  9. I have seen both trailers and laughed but I can’t wait for Burns to come out I’m sure that will be great. What happned to Outlander ? Don’t hear any thing about it. I could watch Jerry all day and never get tired of him. He makes me cry,laugh,and scared, its vey hard to find some one that covers such a wide area. Gosh I’d love to meet him in real life.

  10. I liked this second trailer for “The Ugly Truth”, better than the first. I think Gerry is natually very funny, and comedy is second nature to him. I know he ‘s going to be grand in this role.
    Go Gerry!!!!

  11. Mary Lou Becker says:

    On Gerry being a superhero in Watchmen, I like him in movies where I can actually see his handsome face and his expressions and you can’t do that behind a costume. Although he was pretty sexy in Phantom of the Opera and you only saw half of his face.

  12. I too, would like to see Gerry return to more serious roles, like Dear Frankie. He is not naturally funny. Rarely can you find an actor that can do both comedy and drama well. Comedy is not his thing. Sorry, but true. His American accent is still off but it’s an improvement compared to Nim’s Island. Gerry also seems a tad bit old for Katherine in this movie. She looked good in 27 Dresses with JM and Gerry looked good with Maria Bello in Shattered. I hope it’s funny.

  13. I like the trailer, the movie should be good, but i would like to see him again in a dramatic role. In the phantom of the opera was GREAT. He is good in comedies , but i prefer something more tragical, dark, gothic but also very very sensitive with passion.

  14. Lorraine says:

    He DOES do a great American accent! I had heard him in an interview say it was the first he learned because it would be used the most. GREAT JOB GEZ!!!!!!

  15. jennifer says:


  16. Love the trailors…I think the movie is going to be hysterical…can’t wait to see it…

  17. Sue Phagan says:

    OMG, this is the yummiest, most versatile actor I have seen in ages! More movies with him, please, Hollywood!

  18. Jovial Mom says:

    I have played this trailer several times. I guess it will have to do until July. (sigh) This movie looks great! Very funny! Gerry is very good at doing humor. Of course he looks yummy, too! I’m having a hard time waiting to see the movie. Hurry, hurry!


  19. I adore Gerry in these comedic Role. He is a more than capable actor he has the twinkle of genius. Having met him I canverify that the Imp of Mischief is alive and well in those green eyes.

    Katherine will have loads of fun in this one and they spark off one another well. I get the giggles everytime I watch the trailers. Another winner and I can’t wait to go and see this, which will be about six times, my average for a Gerry movie. But he is such fun. (Hug please).


  20. Betsy Usher says:

    I cannnot believe that my love for Gerard grows stronger with each film and each incarnation!!!! I LOVE both trailers, but this one shows more of him, so I prefer it right now. He is SOOO sexy! They have an electric chemistry, and I cannot ..literally …wait to see it!! I must have viewed this trailer twenty times…Just the salsa scene would do me in…I hope I don’t swoon in the threatre!!!! I also hope that Gerry’s work in “Burns” or maybe that proposed J. Aniston movie don’t stop him from doing talk shows. October 8th of last year was the last time I saw Gerry on Leno. Now Leno is moving to a daily ten o’clock show at 10pm…I hope Gerry gets on that, on Craig, and on Conan! Would he dare do Ellen again? Would Oprah, who likes K. Heigl, have a whole show on TUT as she did with J. An and the Marley bunch? Oh, I’d die. I could just watch Gerry’s eyebrows raise up and down for my thrills! My one fear: I’ve read rumors where this isn’t going to be the “typical” rom/com…I pray that it doesn’t mean that GB doesn’t get the girl. I worry with that one scene where he looks dashed as he blinks…you know which one? Anyhow, I love Gerry and his movies. The movie is only a hundred or so days away. Sigh!!!!!

  21. mjbooklady says:

    Great second trailer for The Ugly Truth it definitely leaves you wishing it was July 24th!

  22. This looks like a great movie. Gerry is the best!!

  23. Lan (DyLuke) says:

    i love the trailer…can’t wait to watch it!!! =)

  24. sue grint says:

    i loved this trailer as well as the first one, but this one was more saucy and suggestive which added to the humour a lot. gerry brings out his true colours in this and acts as we all presume he is in real life. i think that this will go to the top of my gerry films along with rocknrolla, which again was really funny but on a different level. i love the way gerry takes on all these different roles which of course shows his great talent of doing dramas, comedies, action and thrillers, not to forget musicals. looking forward to this film immensely, because although he did a comedy of sorts in ps i love you, at least i wont cry like a baby in this one. its a shame it got put back to july as we would be watching it at the cinema about now, and also with game getting put back, we havent seen a gerry film since october last year, and thats a long time to wait for our man. looking at the trailers for this and game it will be well worth the wait, as again game is a completely different sort of film for gerry, sort of sci-fi futuristic action thriller. cant wait but have to.

  25. Absolutely love the banter between the characters. Love seeing GB again. Can’t wait for the movie. Looks like a great one!

  26. Rachel Frantz says:

    This movie looks like it will be a lot of fun. If I am disappointed and it is not funny I will come back here and rip it to shreds. LOL 😉 (just kidding)

    See ya in the cinema!
    Rachel Frantz

  27. Violet28 says:

    I like Gerry, is perfect role for Gerry funny,sexy,and a little bit naughty ¡¡¡ yes I like !!!
    ¡¡ Is the best!!
    Me encanta ver a Gerry ,esta divertido muy sexy y temendamente bello ,le adoro es el mejor,mucha suerte para esta pelicula,esper que se estrene pronto aqui en España,sobre todo en Benidorm- Alicante ,¡¡¡ bravo Gerry,eres el mejor !!!

  28. Love the trailer and can’t wiat to see the film.

  29. Love the new trailer. Looking forward to seeing the film 😀

  30. Can hardly wait to see Gerry in this movie. I still hear a tiny bit of his accent in one of the line from the first trailer.

  31. Looks like a winner to me.

  32. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    I love it! Gerry and Katherine do seem to have a unique chemistry and their characters both seem intelligent, which is saying a lot for a romantic comedy. Smart people doing wacky things is much more entertaining to me than dummies just being dumb. And Katherine always comes across as feisty on screen, so she needs a feisty actor opposite her. I think that’s why they “click” so perfectly in this. Can’t wait until July!

  33. soupy from Jersey says:

    Hot and funny, of course. This is where Gerry is in his element. A real winner, and can’t wait to see it. Aye!

  34. titian haired mona says:

    Oooohh, Baby! This clip showcases the cute sexiness of both Katherine Heigl
    AND GJB prefectly. Nice sizzle. I will want to see this many times.
    Mr. Butler in large format as always the best. 🙂

  35. Love this trailer and this movie will be sooo good. Can’t wait. I see many viewing on the horizon for watching this movie to catch all the nuances.

    They do have a good chemistry together and his comic timing is fantastic. Od course we always knew that.


  36. Sandra Taylor says:

    Perfect role for Gerry…Sexy, Funny..and a little bit naughty!! What more could we ask for from a film with him in it? I will definitely be seeing that one.

  37. I CAN’T WAIT to see this movie. Does he look awesome or what? And he’s funny!!! The perfect Gerry combo.

  38. Mary Lou Becker says:

    I like the newest trailer better. It looks like a hit. Especially like the chemistry between Katy and Gerry. That’s what I love about Gerry, he’s good in comedies and dramas as well. Can’t wait till July.

  39. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    Although I prefer the first trailer as it I think it’s slicker and punchier, I do think this second trailer is great as it seems to show a lot more of Gerry and more clips of the film.

    I think the chemistry between Gerry and Katherine’s characters is sizzling. Can’t wait to see this movie, definitely a girlie night out movie with lots of popcorn and naughty banter.

    Mrs Gxx