03-17-09: News, Photos, Video and Charity News

The Philadelphia Inquirer offers a look at the three talents making Law Abiding Citizen and their rise in Hollywood in Citizen” gathers three Hollywood meteors in Philly.  Small tidbits about Gerard’s current project, how he makes movie choices, his taste in music (Mogwai) and a new pic (above) awaits the reader of this terrific article!

Listen to Tracks from Mogwai below:

What do you think of the music of Mogwai?  Leave us a comment!

Valentine Wishes Charity CampaignTHANKS TO EVERYONE who donated to the Valentine Wishes Charity Campaign! We raised close to $800 in just over a month which will go to Kids Kicking Cancer! This concludes our fundraising campaigns for the first half of 2009. The Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group can always use your help and donations are accepted year round. ALL donations are tax deductible.

Thanks to sanmarco1992 (Sandra) for a 2005 photo of Gerard at the Wedding Crashers premiere, but the big question is, who’s the guy with him?? Sandra wants to know and hopes Gerry’s fans can help! Leave us a comment if you think you know the mystery mans identity, or give us a tweet!


Thanks to Christine London for a video clip of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor discussing Gerry, Lolita and filming Game.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


  1. Christine says:

    I second that LOVE,

    That pic is Andrew Howard, played J in Shooters

  2. Great. I love this kind of music !

  3. I liked this music. It had deeper veins and softer light edges than the usual Rock Style music. I would play this while doing my writing ar just laying back in a bubbly bath with a glass of champagne. It s sort of smooth but not melancholic. I am off to buy MOGWAI. Thanks Gerry


  4. Very emotional with a lot of strength. Music you listen to when you’re alone and working through things.

  5. Fine music!! It is possible to listen to it infinitely. It bewitches. Under it it is well thought about, very personal.

  6. For me it’s great that the player is filled with Mogwai. I love ’em. I have CD’s.
    The thing ’bout Mogwai is just that their sound so full, smooth, hard and it’s able to make me drown in daydreams and such. Mogwai rocks in their own way. Wish I could once see ’em live on stage.

    I was very happy that their music is on this site ’cause I like Mr. Butler and Mogwai, so both in one is just aweseome.

    Good taste, Masters 😉

  7. It was a mix for me….liked the mellower sounds, but didn’t appreciate the dissonent vibes. Also, I did think it had an asian sound bite….sort of a melencholy asian Kubrick..! Well, everyone has their own opinion……Some of it worked for me, others not. I might check out other albums.

  8. Had a thought..I find this music depressing and maybe Mr. Butler uses his music (as I do for my job) to put him in a place he needs to be for his movie roles. This would make perfect sense since he’s playing a man who lost his wife and child……Of course I could be totally off the mark but it’s just a thought.

  9. Mogwai has an otherworldly sound thus the strong love/hate response. They actually paint a picture with their music and words are unnecessary – you can go anywhere you want in your own mind. Glad to know that GB also enjoys this group as much as I do.

  10. Rachel Frantz says:

    The samples provided were too short to give a true idea of their music so I looked them up elsewhere to hear the full length versions. I didn’t get to hear all the songs on the sample list but the ones that I did hear I liked, I particularly liked “Glasgow Mega-snake” great song, it rocks! and Travel is Dangerous. I also liked “The sun smells too loud” as much for the song title as for the music. LOL Great song title! I also like “I know you are but what am I?”, “Friend of the Night”, “Stop Coming to my house”, and the great moody songs from the soundtrack of the movie about the french footballer Zinedine Zidane. Of the songs that I listened to that were not on the sample list I really liked “I chose Horses” great song!, I also like “We’re No Here” and the song which has the most hilarious song title in the history of recorded music “Stupid Pr**k got chased by the police and loses his s**t girlfriend” LOL I just laughed myself silly when I read this song title and it still tickles me when I read it. 🙂 Contrary to its title, this is actually a really nice song, very pretty with an elegant melody. I don’t know what inspired such an acrimonious title but it inspired a laughing fit in me. LOL 🙂 Thanks so much for the heads up about this band, they are worth further exploration! Always happy to find great new music.

    Rachel Frantz

  11. Sandy Hargett says:

    Very sophiscated. Not the usual rock. Takes a brilliant mind to appreciate this music. I can see where it would hold Gerry’s interest.

  12. Very relaxing. Soothing. Good sounds to wind down a long day. Good to help center your Chi. Would have to agree that hearing full songs would allow the formation of an educated opinion, though. I could believe this artist be found on Mr. Butlers’ player, from amongst an eclectic playlist. This would be another great way to get to know someone. Browse what’s on their player.

  13. Lisa Bittner says:

    Not sure of his name, but they were in the movie, ‘Shooters’ together. The man who’s not Gerry was in the starring role.

  14. I really like this group. I googled Mogwai and found a site that will let you listen to the entire track. i really like the cd “Mr Beast” and am planning to order it through amazon. The music is very mellow and soothing. Good for de-stressing or for listening to when in deep thought in my opinion.

  15. titan haired mona says:

    Listening to Mogwai alters the mind. Yummmmmeeeee good!
    Cody and Stanley Kubrick are my favorites right now.
    In addition watching the videos of both sharpens the senses.
    Let’s have more of them, please.

  16. Easy listening. Good for winding down. Calming. Help to center ones Chi. I agree, I’d like to hear more of each track. I can imagine this being on Mr. Butler’s iPod, amongst a varied playlist. Wouldn’t that be a great way to get to know someone….scrolling thru the songs on their player????

  17. Shelilee says:

    I don’t like it. I agree it’s depressing & just plain weird.

  18. good very good music I like it , it can help me to my art 🙂 ,

  19. I find it a bit melancholy, which I like when I’m feeling introspective and pondering over big issues,or philosophizing. I like one you don’t have on this list, “Moses? I amn’t”” The cello adds a nice touch.

  20. Easy listening and is perfect for winding down or doing jobs like house painting, cleaning or any jobs that you don’t want to listen to anything frantic. Perfect for background music for dinner or just sitting on the patio and taking in life with friends or alone with coffee. I thoroughly enjoy it

  21. Luanne Wedge says:

    I would like to hear more… it is hard to really say without listening to entire songs. But I like different music so it may be something I’d check into to…

  22. Jovial Mom says:

    I did not care for this music.

  23. It kind of reminds me of the 300 music

  24. I really like their music. I can’t wait to buy it from Amazon.

  25. I listen to my i pod when I’m working (painting a mural or whatever at a clients house) it puts me in a good creative place. I could never listen to that music, its depressing!

  26. Did not like it. It’s a downer and morbid sounding. Emotionally depressing.

  27. On the photo 2005 – Andrew Howard? (“Shooters” & “Cherry orchard”)

  28. This music helps escape or on the contrary, to enter into the necessary condition. For me – ” Glasgow Mega-Snake” for example.

  29. Interesting and welcoming to hear.

  30. Mellow. Would put it on on the drive home from work to chill out or on a rainy day w/ a cup of coffee and the paper.

  31. katelouise says:

    I loved it! I’m always on the lookout for new music. Thanks for posting!

  32. Suzy from Texas1 says:

    Don’t like it.