Il Messaggero (Italy) (Translation)

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Article Date: July 24, 2005 | Publication: Il Messaggero (Italy) | Author: editor
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Another Ischia 2005 sex symbol is listening to Bova with great attention: Gerard Butler, the protagonist of The Phantom of the Opera (and of the comedy Dear Frankie, soon to be released). Contrary to the very married and unconquerable Bova, the Scottish actor joyfully endures the onslaught of women - famouse or not - who follow him at the pool and at the night clubs, at the beach and at the restaurant. "I've performed wearing a mask and people don't recognize me: it's better that way, I wouln't be able to walk surrounded by fans pulling their hair", says Butler laughing sarcastically. Also for him, Hollywood is going through a phase of comformism and creative dryness: "It's not fair to generalize, because American cinema is capable of producing brave and independant films. But recently, I've had to turn down several scripts that had no emotions, that were conceived only to make money".