Frank Miller's 300 Gets Greenlight

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Article Date: August 16, 2005 | Publication: CanMag | Author: Ryan Parsons
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Here is not one but two thumbs up for Frank Miller on this glorious Tuesday. A little while back we mentioned that one of Frank Miller's [Sin City] other graphic novels, 300, may soon be getting the greenlight to become a full - length feature film. The graphic novel, detailing the story of the 300 Sparton fighters who were able to cause such an amount of casualties to the invading Persian army that they soon lost the taste for war, has finally been given the greenlight.

300 is a Go

According to the report from Variety, Warner Bros Pictures has recently announced that they have purchased rights to the film and have already chosen Zach Snyder [Dawn of the Dead] to direct and Gerard Butler [Reign of Fire] to star. If you have seen the film The Last Samurai, you may have already heard the tale of the battle of Thermopylae that took place in 481-480 B.C. when Tom Cruise's character tells how he and his fellow samurai now face the same situation against the Japanese army.

So, though the story is told through Frank Miller's graphic novel, it is a factual story of how a few soldiers were able to repel an entire army. This later allowed Greece to grow and plant the first seeds of democracy.

While battle of Thermopylae is a true story, the film will take on the look and feel of the Frank Miller graphic novel 300. I guess they figured if the cinematography can work for Sin City, it could also work for this tale. Either way, this film should be huge when it steps out of production.

Stay tuned for updates.