Butler Leads The "300" Charge

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Article Date: August 16, 2005 | Publication: Dark Horizons | Author: Garth Franklin
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Scottish hunk Gerard Butler has signed on to star in "300," the adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel that Zack Snyder is directing for Warner Bros. Pictures says The Hollywood Reporter.

The film centers around the famous Battle of Thermopylae and tells the true story of 300 elite Spartan warriors led by their fearless king, Leonidas (Butler), who manage to hold off the charge of Xerxes and his million man Persian army for several days with one of the most famous battle strategies in history.

The studio is looking to make the film in the style of the graphic novel and so heavy use of greenscreen and hyper-real virtual sets is being mapped out but with an eye toward maintaining the look. Shooting begins October 17th in Montreal.

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