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Article Date: November 2, 2004 | Publication: (UnderGroundOnline) | Author: Daniel Robert Epstein
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[b]GB.Net Note: This is an excerpt from an article that was published online on November 2, 2004, but which included some idea of the thoughts behind director Zack Snyder's plans for the film.[/b]

UGO: What's going on with 300?

ZACK: I'm really excited about 300. I was just on the phone with Frank [Miller] yesterday talking about the script that my partner, Kurt Johnstad, and I wrote. We got his take on it because we are doing a rewrite. The script is based almost exactly on the comic book, and all we did was add a second story with King Leonidas' wife trying to rally the troops to support her husband. We wanted a little more girl-power in the movie. We are about to shoot a test for Warner Bros because they want to see how the comic book comes to life and what it looks like.

UGO: If Robert Rodriguez's Sin City is horrible and bombs, how much would that affect the 300 movie?

ZACK: Thank God Sin City doesn't come out for a while. Though I think if that happens to Sin City, 300 would still happen because they are really looking at the performance of a movie like Alexander.

UGO: What will Frank Miller's duties as executive producer be?

ZACK: Right now he's still working on Sin City and he's writing the screenplay for Hard Boiled for Warner Bros. But we touched base and I think he will be an ally because we have similar sensibilities.

UGO: Will 300 be as stylized a film as Sin City?

ZACK: The thing about the 300 comic book is that it is rendered a bit more like reality than Sin City. Yes, it's stylized, but not to the extent that Sin City is.

UGO: What's it like getting to talk to Frank as much as you have?

ZACK: He's a rock star, I love him. He and I get along pretty great.

UGO: Will Ephialtes be as deformed as he is in the comic book?

ZACK: We've done some conceptual art for the movie so far. We did a maquette of Ephialtes and he looks exactly as he does in the comic book. We've also been working on the immortals.

UGO: You are obviously a comic fan.

ZACK: Yes, but I have particular tastes in comics. I get sent a lot of screenplays based on comics, but there are few gems in the form.