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Article Date: October 11, 2005 | Publication: SneakPeekTV | Author: Editors
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Warner Bros will begin production, October 17, in Montreal, Quebec, on director Zach Snyder's $60 million-budgeted, period actioner "300".

The feature adaptation of Frank "Sin City" Miller's graphic novel will star Gerard Butler, with ancient vistas and spectacular battle scenes shot almost entirely employing CG 'green screen', similar to visual techniques used in Miller's "Sin City".

Warners "300" focuses on the 'Battle of Thermopylae', where 'King Leonidas' and a legion of 300 'Spartan' soldiers valiantly fought against an invading Persian army.

The studio says "300" will remain true to Miller's dark, violent comic book and fully expect an R rating.

"Zach Snyder takes the sandals out of the movie completely," said Atmosphere Pictures' Mark Canton, producing the film with Hollywood Gang Productions Gianni Nunnari, Bernie Goldmann and Jeff Silver.

Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute a big screen feature based on the Frank Miller/Lynn Varley graphic novel "300", to be directed by Zach "Dawn Of The Dead" Snyder and produced by Hollywood Gang Productions/Atmosphere Pictures.

Gerard "Reign Of Fire" Butler will star.

Principal photography begins in Montreal October 17.

Premise of Miller's story focuses on the true story of 300 elite 'Spartan' fighters, led by 'King Leonidas', who fight to the death against 'King Xerxes' and his Persian army during the battle of Thermopylae circa 481-480 B.C.

Snyder and Kurt Johnstad adapted the screenplay from Miller's graphic novel.

Warners said that "300" will rely on 'hyper-real renderings' similar to the stylized illustrations created by Miller for his novel.

Miller's drawing were previously used for box office success "Sin City".