Interview with Frank Miller

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Article Date: October 13, 2005 | Publication: SuicideGirls.Com | Author: Daniel Robert Epstein
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DRE: Thatís a very good point. I got to speak to Tyler Bates whoís doing the music for 300. He told me thereís a minute and a half of beautiful test footage. Have you seen that yet?

FM: I have. Itís really gorgeous and really brutal. [300 director] Zack [Snyder] showed it to me. I was in-between pieces for Sin City at the time and he showed it to me in the screening room and it was looking really cool. Of course I was jumping all over him about making sure that the phalanx was just right and that kind of stuff. Iím a military history freak so I have to push him that way.

DRE: I just heard just this past week that it might be shooting in October or November. How involved do you want to be with that and are you an executive producer for sure?

FM: I will be, yeah. What counterbalances that, is that Iím not the director. Zack is the director so he is the one making the movie. I have to respect that. I know what itís like to be a director and you do not step on those toes. But I will be the fly on the wall jumping all over people saying this is not what a Spartan would do and that sort of thing. But itís going to be Zackís movie.

DRE: Did you have to approve Zack?

FM: Well, it all kind of came together as a package. At the time I hadnít directed a movie myself so I didnít have the perspective I have now. Now I understand that the position that counts is the director. The writer doesnít count all that much and producers count a little bit but the director is the one making the movie.