The Grimm times have passed for this tomboy

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Article Date: October 28, 2005 | Publication: The Evening Standard (London) | Author: MARY KEANE
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LENA HEADEY has been on the cusp of stardom for more than a decade, but it seems her time has finally come. Her latest role is in The Brothers Grimm, a glossy, big-budget Hollywood caper, directed by Terry Gilliam, about the Teutonic storytellers, played by Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. Headey plays Angelika, a horse-riding, arrow-shooting tracker who meets the brothers as they bungle their way around the countryside fighting monsters and demons.

"I loved Angelika," she says.

"She was a tomboy and looked after herself." Headey has always done the same herself: she has been working since she was 16 and has notched up 24 films and a plethora of TV roles since.

She made her debut in Waterland (an adaptation of the Graham Swift novel starring Jeremy Irons and featuring a young Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ethan Hawke).

She has since appeared in the TV dramas Band Of Gold and The Long Firm, as Steve Coogan's girlfriend in The Parole Officer, and in the potholing horror film, The Cave.

But just after filming The Brothers Grimm, Headey, now 29, hit a barren patch and was out of work for nearly a year.

She briefly considered waitressing, but instead fled to New York where she spent three months catching up with friends, then went to Costa Rica.

"The first five months were incredibly frustrating, depressing and frightening, because I thought I was never going to work again. It's hard not to lose confidence," she says.

But before she could really worry, she landed her newest role in 300, another big-budget Hollywood film based on a Frank Miller cartoon novel about the 480BC Battle of Thermopylae and starring Gerard Butler.

Whether she is ready for the exposure that two such highprofile films will bring is doubtful. "I'm ambitious, I think," she says in her slightly American twang. "But I don't necessarily equate success with being a hug e Hollywood star.

"To remain quite anonymous is the biggest gift ever. I would hate to have my picture taken whenever I go to the shop to buy some milk.

"I find Hollywood a really tricky place. I never wanted to live there. For me, the cheaper jobs with a small, intimate crew are far more rewarding."

. The Brothers Grimm is released on 4 November.

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