Phantom of the Opera Teaser Trailer Review

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Article Date: February 9, 2004 | Publication: Dark Horizons | Author: Garth Franklin
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Two previews are coming out shortly that are worth taking an early squizz at, and some lucky people got to see them for marketing surveys recently and are more than happy to share their experiences.

In regards to "Phantom of the Opera", 'Moviegod' made a list of some cool shots we can expect to see in the teaser trailer:

• Sunrise over the city
• Man in top hat walking through the city
• People holding candles/candles floating in the water
• Woman in cemetery in the snow/man reaching out to woman
• Shot of woman looking pensive in a low cut top/walking amongst flowers/ close up of woman closing her eyes
• Phantom on stage holding a fan
• Man with sword in cemetery
• Hands moving over woman's gown/couple embracing/ woman standing in the darkness
• Ending collage of scenes, including: Man carrying woman/people gasping/Phantom holding woman in rafters/woman screaming/chandelier falling
• Shot of Phantom with mask on
• Shot of Phantom without mask on
• Music at the end