Cine-Byte does DI

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Article Date: October 24, 2005 | Publication: Playback | Author: Marcus Robinson
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Toronto digital film service house Cine-Byte Imaging has been busy adding some impressive digital intermediates credits to its reel. After completing George Romero's Land of the Dead for Universal, it did a DI and color correct on Deepa Mehta's critically acclaimed Water. At the same time, its Northlight scanner was handling FX and DI duties on Brightlight Pictures' adap of the popular video game Bloodrayne, which is already at the deliverables stage.

Gold Circle Films' horror pic Slither is next up, while scanning and recording for FX has been ongoing for Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain, Truth, Justice and the American Way, The Sentinel and Zack Snyder's (Dawn of the Dead) sword-and-sandal epic 300.

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