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Article Date: November 6, 2005 | Publication: Sunday Mirror | Author: CHRIS BRANDES
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FORMER Bond star Pierce Brosnan has gone from secret agent hero to movie bad guy.

The Irish star, 52, will play a ruthless kidnapper in his new thriller Butterfly On A Wheel.

Brosnan, who last played Bond in Die Another Day, was dumped from the 007 role after four movies because bosses thought he was too old.

And he's been replaced by 37-year-old actor Daniel Craig.

Now Pierce is ready to surprise his fans with a sinister performance in the spine-chiller.

In the movie, a happily married couple will be left devastated after their daughter is abducted.

A source said: "Pierce is actively seeking darker roles. Of course he was upset at losing the Bond role but now he wants to change things by being the villain."

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