Bello and Butler join Brosnan

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Article Date: January 19, 2006 | Publication: Monsters and Critics | Author: Joshua Tyler
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With Brosnan seeing post-Bond success in ‘The Matador’, he’s moved on to doing more. His next film will be the indie thriller ‘Butterfly on a Wheel’, the story of a happily married suburban couple whose daughter is kidnapped. Brosnan will play the kidnapper, and according to The Hollywood Reporter Maria Bellow and Gerard Butler have just signed on to play the married couple.

The movie is set to start filming this March in Vancouver, directed by Mike Barker from a screenplay by William Morrissey. There’s a chance that Bello could be holding an Oscar by the time they start shooting. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in ‘A History of Violence’, and the movie continues to get potential Academy Awards buzz.

Maria Bello’s next movie involves September 11. She’ll appear this year in Oliver Stone’s still untitled World Trade Center disaster movie.

Gerard Butler was last seen as the lead in the movie version of ‘Phantom of the Opera’.