Butler and Bello Join Barker's Butterfly

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Article Date: January 21, 2006 | Publication: Cinema Blend | Author: Scott Gwin
Publication/Article Link:http://www.cinemablend.com/

Pierce Brosnan is currently hard at work on Instant Karma, an odd comedy about a man who repeatedly dies and is reincarnated as a host of different animals. As a follow up he'll be starring as a kidnapper in Mike Barker's Butterfly On A Wheel.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced additional casting for that movie. Maria Bello, who is currently filming Oliver Stone's questionable World Trade Center, and Phantom of the Opera's Gerard Butler will be joining as parents of a five year old child Brosnan's character kidnaps.

No word yet on who will be playing the five year old but here's hoping we won't be hearing the name of Hollywood's recent stock-star child actress Dakota Fanning. After all, she's already played the kidnappee and is too old to play a five year old, right?