'Vocal Gerry Butler, "Memoirs" Fans write in

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Article Date: January 20, 2006 | Publication: Reno Gazette Journal | Author: Forrest Hartman
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Q: (In response to an earlier column), I'm also a big fan of Gerry Butler. He is a wonderful actor and I agree with kitty, he is eye candy. If I were only younger.

I would also like to see "Bewoulf & Grendel" come to Reno. When "Dear Frankie" came out I didn't even hear it was in Reno and it has not bee available in the regular stores. I had to get it on line Amazon.com and "Dear Frankie" was a wonderful film. I would like to see anything with Gerry in it, I never heard of "The Game of Their Lives", so is that two films we are not going to see? I can't understand why Gerry is not a big star. Propably because his films are shown in the US. Please get then to bring those films here..
Sandra Counts.via email

This is Forrest Hartman's response who is a film critic here in the Reno, Nevada area..

A: Wow!!! I had no idea Mr. Butler had such a rabid fan base. Unfortunately Sandra, I have no control over what films visit our market. That's stricly up to the studios and exhibitors.

I would, however, be surprised if "Game Of Their Lives" made it to this market, as it was originally released in the US way back in April 2005. There's more more for "Bewoulf" as it hasn't even opened in its home market (Canada) yet.