Gerard Butler: not just another hunk

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Article Date: February 23, 2006 | Publication: MILE HIGH COMICS presents THE BEAT at | Author: The Beat
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GB.NET NOTE: We post and link to this blog entry simply because we take it for the tongue-in-cheek humor that it is. Remember, the Herald article was embellished and in some cases people were misquoted, so we are laughing with the author of the absurdity of it all, but still with much love and admiration for the focus of this website.

Here at Stately Beat Manor, we make no bones about our admiration for the fine acting of dear, dear Gerard Butler. But we are far from alone. In fact, Butler has a rabid internet fan following. His fan site has over 5 million hits. Every time we mention Butler here we get a ton of hits from, and if we wanted to be cheesy about it, we could post about him even more.

But this is no mere internet romance. His fan club recently had a get-together in Scotland, Butler's homeland, and things got...fervid:

On either side of Greenberg stand scores of other women, all similarly impassioned. Bearing digital cameras and camcorders, they gaze down upon three blue cranes that squat over the austere beauty of the riverside. Their T-shirts, baseball caps, badges and bags are adorned with slogans: "Tarts on Tour", "Mistress of the Tarts", and, in one instance, simply "I Am a Tart". One grips a small doll to her chest, a photograph of a handsome, rugged thirty something man glued to its face.

"This is it. This is it, right here, " Greenberg coos, almost inaudible. "Just think. He looked at this view once. He was here. Gerry was here."

Okay now let's get one thing straight. We like Gerard Butler, but we would never, ever have an epiphany just because he once spied a shrubbery. We wouldn't do that for Clive. Nor Bruce even. We once climbed Mt. Batty in Camden, Maine, and thought about how Edna St. Vincent Millay had written "Renascence" about the view, but that's about it.

Anyway, the biggest guest for the fans was Butler's MOM, who went along with the whole thing:

To the right of the dancefloor stands a woman in her late fifties, her small frame wrapped in a fawn shawl. She is surrounded by a tightly packed huddle, two dozen strong. It has been this way for the past hour. Cameras flash and whirr. One by one, women step out to kiss her cheek and pose for a photograph. "I just want you to know, Margaret, your son has given me such joy and inspiration, " purrs one woman in a soft southern US accent, taking her hand. "I know, " comes the reply. "Me too." The woman's smile lights up the room.

What inspires this adoration? Well, where other stars would laugh or deny such, uh, attention, Butler plays along, and sends a video message from Montreal to the assembled worshippers.

"Who'd have thought you guys would be over there?" he says incredulously. "It's crazy, beautiful, and I'm really touched and honoured. I'm blown away that even one of you would come over to my home city." He winks. "It's not for me, it's for you. To get away from your partners . . . just remember, what happens in Glasgow stays in Glasgow."

Now you have to admit, that's a pretty down to Earth and kind-hearted movie star who would call out his stalkers like that, instead of merely filing restraining orders. So, you know, we salute that. We just want to know one thing: when do we get OUR phone call???