I think Gerard Butler was excellent

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Article Date: March 24, 2006 | Publication: Beacon Journal | Author: George M. Thomas
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Q: I think Gerard Butler was excellent in ``Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.'' I didn't see the play, but I think his Phantom was the strength of the movie. I also saw him in ``Timeline.'' I never would have thought he could perform the singing role and I do think he has a good singing voice. From all the choices Joel Schumacher made, do you know why he chose Butler to play the Phantom? In what other movies had Butler appeared? I would certainly like to see more of him. -- Evangeline C., Akron, Ohio.

A: All right, Evangeline, so I get that you have this Gerard Butler thing working. According to various reports, director Joel Schumacher took note of his work in Dracula 2000 and apparently Schumacher wanted a younger Phantom and a younger Christine for the movie version so Butler was chosen. Although he sang in a rock band, the chops he needed for the movie were developed through individualized singing lessons. For all the information you can use on Gerard Butler, may I suggest you try the fan site, www.gerardbutler.net.