Actors are burning to make history

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Article Date: May 18, 2004 | Publication: The Times (London) | Author: Dalya Alberge
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Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, is among writers, artists and composers inspiring film-makers to dramatise their life stories (Dalya Alberge writes).

The British director Vadim Jean will direct Burns from a script by Alan Sharp, who wrote Rob Roy, it was announced yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival. The poet, who is famous for his rebellion against orthodox religion and morality, will be played by Gerard Butler, the Scottish actor.

Butler abandoned a law career to become an actor and made his film debut alongside Billy Connolly and Dame Judi Dench in Mrs Brown. He has just finished filming the lead role in Phantom of the Opera, which is released this year.

There have not been any feature movies about Burns since two productions in the 1930s. The film-makers say that their $ 10 million film, which also stars Brian Cox, will be faithful to Burns's story.

Among the other biopics being premiered at Cannes is Modigliani. The painter is played by Andy Garcia.

The Elizabethan dramatist Christopher Marlowe is the subject of several new biopics, and composers are also being given the cinematic treatment, beginning with Beethoven, which will star Ed Harris and Diane Kruger.

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